Is anyone seeing any Boston, MA USA noms or edits during this Challenge?

Just wondering if the Black Hole applies to this Challenge. If so: why? If not why can’t our nominations and edits progress like everybody else’s?



Since May 15

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since May 1

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I play in Boston and have had 52 decided today, 9 yesterday, and 4 on Thursday.

I have also noticed many other new stops when I played today.

Other people have been reporting similar results


Oh! I made this my bonus location last month! Just thought why-not! :grin:

Cant get any more central

13 of my 14 pending nominations were decided in the past 24 hours, including some that had been languishing for months. Boston definitely is getting some love in this challenge. Kudos Niantic!!

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Nice, join us for our own Wayfarer challenges!

Unfortunately, it seems within the past 24hrs people have seen our nominations but this challenge isn’t focusing on edits like we were led to believe. Reviewers presumably in Asia and Europe simply are not reviewing in good faith or according to the guidelines.

I’ve had nominations which should be considered duplicates (correct location but identical to a Wayspot approved nearby in the wrong location by someone else) be accepted. Memorial benches have been accepted without question. Locally significant landmarks have been rejected.

Last week we were getting nominations resolved after 19 months. Many of my nominations were waiting 14-15 months and are just being resolved but rejected for frivolous reasons such as “on private property” on a public university campus, or people saying they can’t confirm a location because they won’t take 2 seconds to turn satellite view on. I’ll never get enough appeals to make it right.

I expect I’ll have 40 nominations to resubmit, and people in my community are saying they have dozens as well. It will take many hours of many days to resubmit all of these, and for what? So they can languish in queue for another year?

From my 440 US reviews

255 Title/Description edits

110 Photo edits

75 Wayspot submissions

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When U.K. was part of the challenge last year I was left a pile of ones to appeal……which I am still working through. On the other hand I did get some others approved.
Being part of a challenge is heightened version of normal.

Thank you for sharing. I now realize I didn’t factor in the fact that I’m getting Wayspot reviews because I’m in the U.S., however I was getting a fairly significant amount in Japan.

Having nominations review without an Upgrade isn’t any version of “normal” for us as you know :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s frustrating seeing relatively poor/low-effort nominations of mine get approved, but more quality nominations with cultural value and impact denied. Several rejections would be easily approved if people had bothered to trigger satellite view, but reviewers simply cannot be trusted during these challenges. It creates more work for people
putting in effort submitting nominations ethically and more work for Niantic in appeals.

Several of us are terrified that we’ll go back into a 16-month queue.

What’s this red one you rejected by I-93? I don’t suspect it was one of mine, but it’s very close to where our community plays and I’m wondering if we could improve the nomination.

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I certainly don’t want to go back to the submit and then forget about it unless you upgrade situation. Sitting with submissions that were in queue and nearly 2 years old was no fun.
Quick resolution improves morale, very slow resolution is a frustrating experience which is not healthy for wayfarer. So keeping turn round time for everyone is important.

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No worries, hopefully you don’t all have too many appeals to make.

yeah good luck lol

whoops you probably meant this one:

so… i’ve shared my thoughts about these squares on the forum before. but regardless of those thoughts this was a very poor effort. Who is henry? is this even legit? can’t tell from the photos as they don’t actually show a sign indicating this is actually “henry’s square”. this one might be salvageable but considering the recent clarification about memorials i suspect not.

You are not helping to cement the name of Henry in history.

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