Location Edit request (>20m)

Title of the Wayspot: Páfrányfenyő, Margit Tér
Current, incorrect location: 47.519874 N, 21.604933 E
New correct location: 47.518955 N, 21.603081 E
City: Debrecen
Country: Hungary
Reason: The real location of the protected tree is next to the other one
Correct location:

Current, incorrect location:

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These kinds of requests should now be handled through Help Chat in Wayfarer.


So when can we expect a reply from the support dor the edit appeals as I had already created 3 discussions on april 6th regarding the location edits

This is what NianticAaron posted on the 2nbd of April on the old forum
Hey Folks,
We will be processing all the Wayspot appeals submitted on this forum. We will double check the appeals posted on or after March 1st, 2024 to ensure that we have resolved them. If you have any unresolved Wayspot appeals posted before March 1st, 2024, please repost them in the respective category and we will process them before April 15th, 2024.

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Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: