Massive photoshoped Fakes in Voss-Bogen (Sarstedt)

First of all: I’m just going to report things the way I did in the old forum. I hope that’s not a problem.

Title of the Wayspot: below
location of the Wayspot: below
City: Voss-Bogen (a Residential area of Sarstedt)
Country: Germany
Material to Support my claim: below



Drei Heißluftballons


Mario Kart Malerei

Drei Fische



(Here is a new residential complex but definitely not a playground)


(1. there is no swing here. 2. even if there were, it would be on private property.)


(No longer Exist, or only placed for the Foto)

Here a nomination from yesterday:

Heinrich-Bormann-Ring 5, 31157 Sarstedt, Deutschland

And while we’re at it: here is an obviously incorrectly submitted playground

titel: Spielplatz im Giebelstieg
location: Ingress Intel Map
Right Location: 52.2247733, 9.8432652

And while we’re at it: here is a Kindergarten

Kindertagesstätte St. Paulus

And then there are things I noticed on the way to the fakes in the first area.


(Could not be located in the immediate vicinity.)


(Don’t exist anymore)

And then everything I didn’t find on the way back.

Stein Brunnen im Friedrich Ebert Park

(Don’t exist anymore)

Akustik Experiment in Park

(Don’t exist anymore)

Akkustik - Gegenstück Fr Ebert Park

Strawberrybox 1

(This is a mobile strawberry sales stand, therefore seasonal).


Thank you for your commitment, Jan! I hope that the map will be cleaned up and the perpetrators can be identified


I have to do what has to be done. And given the volume, I preferred to use the forum instead of opening a help chat ticket for every wayspot.


@jankrabbe We have reviewed this report and have already taken action on the Wayspots and 2 Wayfinders in accordance with our policies.

Thank you for helping us maintain the quality of the Wayspots.


One of the Photoshoped Electric Boxes is again in Review.

Please take Action to the Wayfinder.


@NianticLC Now this is slowly getting out of hand. Another fake was found in the rating today. Now press material is already being faked.

As described at the beginning of this discussion, this power box is not real. If this all goes through a cell phone I would slowly consider an IP ban and a ban is PoGo because that is clearly way too far.

It has already been reported by @Breaaad via the form, but here again in the forum because this is more than just faking.

And then I would like to rate another wayspot.

Spielhaus mit Rutsche

There was already a fake wayspot here. And well, I think there was a bit of spamming here