New Wayfarer Abuse Enforcement Ladder Policy

Hello Explorers,

As you know, these last couple of months the Wayfarer Team, our Ambassadors, along with many others from across Niantic have been working hard to understand and combat ways in which bad actors abuse Wayfarer. These types of abuse can take form in the ways of low-quality contributions, review rings, and many other ways.

The Wayfarer Map and the Explorer Community shapes the game board for every part of the Niantic ecosystem which is why we invite only dedicated players to this community. Bad actors can negatively influence the map across many of our products, and as such abuse in Wayfarer will be taken very seriously.

That is why we want to announce our new Wayfarer Abuse Enforcement Ladder. This ladder will be utilized whenever we come across any form of abuse and illustrate the steps we will take to both warn the offender, suspend the offender, and introduce an official suspension appeal process for overturning what could have been a wrongful suspension.

Please visit our Wayfarer Help Center to view our new policy.

(originally posted September 2023)

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