Discussion about the glossary terms

Gatekeeper - ˈɡeɪtˌkiːpə

An almost extinct group of Wayfarers who lived in the era of OPR. By 2023 the vast majority of Gatekeepers had disappeared.



Explorer - What Niantic calls those who use Wayfarer, regardless of how they contribute.

Just saw someone ask what the difference is between Wayfarer (which most of us call each other), and Explorer, which is the official Niantic term that admin uses and is on the help pages.



This is great, thank you. I must say that my experience of wayfarer is that there’s a lot of people assuming everyone knows what the jargon is, and in a volunteer org that’s just not pleasant to experience. I would love it if this list were in a more prominent place, maybe in the help centre, and was regularly updated. Couple of comments and requests: 1) What does “in voting” actually mean? Is that what we’re doing when we review? 2) thanks for saying that supporting photo must show the context AND the wayspot itself… I see a fairly high proportion that don’t or are just a duplicate of the main photo.


Wayfarer abuse - the violation of invisible rules, not explicitly outlined but sometimes enforced retroactively by the Wayfarer team. Unlike other types of abuse, such as verbal abuse or violations of terms of service, Wayfarer abuse often appears logical, framed as “using your best judgment” or “improving the game map for all to enjoy.” However, it can still result in warnings and bans .


Glad to hear the glossary is helping. “In voting”, to our knowledge, shows after a community member has cast the first vote (nb: this is if you are using Wayfarer in English, some of these tags in other languages are confusing and not always correctly translated). “In voting” with the little balloon means Niantic voting. Not sure what the question was with respect to 2), but yeah sometimes not including the object in the supporting one doesn’t let you confirm location, and identical photos can sometimes (but not always) be a hallmark of third party photos (first term in the glossary :wink: ).

We should add a definition for each status.

We can add a definition for Abuse, but it will be presented neutrally. This defintion is loaded with personal opinion.

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Emily - Algorithm created to finally rid Wayfarer of annoying human reviewers.
Often hated but always loved by me. Thank you, Emily :black_heart:

Netherlands - aka The Underworld. Fictional land where right is wrong and wrong is right.
The Mosaic War of 2022 between bots and humans saw many casualties on both sides.

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In general, I love your humor, but lets try to keep this area on track for education of new Wayfinders, please.

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We have an entry for ML that acknowledges the Emily name.

I’m not sure if this is a glossary item, but I’m still not clear on how they define reviews and agreements under our progress percentage ring. I read that the first upgrade would be awarded after 100 agreements but added up to 79 when I got my first upgrade (I’d done over 350 reviews by then). I think reviews that aren’t nomination reviews but have to do with a location change, title change, etc. may not be included in the agreements total? It’s hard to tell what’s being counted. I wish they also included the number of my total reviews that have been finalized. But then again, those numbers probably wouldn’t matter to a more experienced reviewer.

They do trigger at 100, normally. Was 79 the number on the circle around your profile picture or was it your number of agreements in your profile? And did the button that was available to you say Upgrade or Upgrade Next?

Other reasons why Upgrade numbers might be inconsistent are that Upgrades are also used as challenge rewards or sometimes they are reimbursed (as discussed here: Machine Learning Update and More Appeals! ). That final option would not apply to your first one, however.


no, the circle was full, so 100%. The three kinds of agreements added up to 79. Here’s a screenshot:

Do Edit Agreements count toward Upgrades? I don’t think they show up in the counters the same way as nominations.

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I see, thanks for sharing. Yes, the way to an upgrade is tracked by the circle, so since your circle reached 100%, things worked as expected. The number in your profile is actually not your TOTAL agreements but the sum of the nomination review agreements shown below. Your actual number of agreements is your total amount of upgrades* x 100 + the number in your upgrade circle %. Don’t ask me why it’s so confusing :melting_face:

*not including refunded upgrades or reward upgrades

If you play Pokémon GO, you can also check your medal for the exact count, I’m sure it will be above 79, so it’s normal you got an upgrade. Same with the Ingress medal with the exception of an event where agreements counted double.

And congrats on that upgrade by the way :slight_smile:


Well, holy fagioli, I didn’t realize the in-game medal gave realtime feedback for Wayfarer activity. Thanks for the tip!


Note that the medal doesn’t count agreements obtained in status below Good so no method is perfect, and that it doesn’t update in real time but rather does occasional syncs, but otherwise glad this helps! :slight_smile:




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Waysplaining - When asking for advice a Wayfarer geek will always ignore your question and give you better advice on a question you didn’t even ask and information you don’t really need.

Plz add this to the glossary @seaprincesshnb