New Wayspots Coming to India

Hello Explorers,

The Wayfarer Team, along with the rest of Niantic are incredibly invested in ensuring a good Niantic experience for all through the growth of our map. To do so, we will be adding additional Wayspots in India in the upcoming weeks.

These Wayspots will begin to show up on our map as soon as November 1, 2023 and added in waves in the weeks to come. While these Wayspots won’t contain images, they will contain a Pokéstop image in Pokémon GO and a blank image in all other games in which they sync to while photos are contributed to these Wayspots. We are excited to see our Explorers in India add their photos and show us their local community through Wayspot photo contributions. As with our previous Wayspot additions, we took your feedback about quality into consideration and audited these Wayspots to ensure that they meet our criteria. If you come across a Wayspot that you feel infringes our Wayfarer criteria, please report it through the appropriate reporting processes.

While all Wayspots will be added to our Niantic map, it is still left to each game’s inclusion rules to determine which Wayspots will make it into their games. Please be advised that these new Wayspots will not be present on the Ingress map.

(originally posted October 2023)

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