Niantic In Voting rejection

For this

Normally I wouldn’t take a panoramic picture but anything else would have required me stepping onto the middle of their lovely, freshly rolled lawn. That picture shouldn’t matter though.

I did make a typo in the support and add an extra ‘has’ that shouldn’t matter though.

Our team etc etc

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If I appeal it goes back to the same reviewers since it was pulled into Niantic voting?

I can go and get a quote from Doris, Fred and Aggie about how it gets them out the house, staying active and they get to meet all their friends if you think it would help?

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Wow indeed.
That’s such an easy accept.
Nominations don’t have to have the ideal picture, even though I think that one is fine (it’s perfectly clear), and typos in the supporting information are not important at all as long as I can understand it. Anyone who has ever tried to submit something in the rain knows typing is hard and you don’t always get time/remember to edit before it goes to voting if you even notice the typo!


Huh oh, I have pretty much identical nomination as yours. Its a bowling club/lawn that has been going on for more than 100 years and its currently in Niantic Voting. I wont be holding my breath :frowning:

Mine was just accepted. Thanks to whoever did that.

Hopefully yours goes through easily :crossed_fingers:


Are these “Niantic voting” rejections even being reviewed by humans? The local mural I had rejected after being in Niantic voting now has the “Wayfarer criteria” reason that some are suggesting is the mark of Emily :thinking:
This one still irks the hell out of me because the community would never have rejected this and I’ve had too much other stuff going on to get back over there for different photos for a resubmission to avoid whatever brainfart caused the initial Nia interference and rejection :roll_eyes:


That’s good to hear - I’ve been holding back on appealing a trail marker that was rejected as a Generic Business by Niantic voting. Not quite the slam dunk that your appeal was, but the story behind the trail ought to be worth a second look.

I hope the reviewers are aware that it’s lawn bowling

That might have been me being complacent in not adding that.

I wasn’t thinking that it would be pulled into Nia voting and didn’t even think that needed to be explained to UK reviewers.