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In case anyone would like to know what Niantic has been working on, and how they see things, I recommend bookmarking: All News – Niantic Labs

You’ll find articles about the games we play, and Wayfaring, and examples of other (short term) apps that have been created with the Wayfarer database. Get some insight into how Niantic uses our Wayspots and scans, and how they see their present and future.

What do you see that’s interesting?

For example,

This lists all games: A Simple Walk Can Do Wonders: Celebrating World Walking Day with Niantic Games – Niantic Labs

2022 Ingress, PokémonGo, Metavers Building the real-world metaverse – Niantic Labs

Insight into how they currently use AI: How Niantic Learns from Machine Learning (and AI) – Niantic Labs

Peridot and AI Virtual pets in Peridot are now more lifelike (and adorable) than ever using Generative AI – Niantic Labs

There’s not a Wayfarer AMA, but there’s a Santa AMA! Introducing “Ask Santa Anything”: A New Experience That Lets You Chat with Santa – Niantic Labs

Hmm I wonder what the Overture Maps Foundation means to us Niantic Joins Overture Maps Foundation – Niantic Labs

Then there’s this “oldie but goodie”, introducing what we call “honey pots” Niantic Wayfarer - 1 Month Check In – Niantic Labs

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Here are some articles on ways our waystpost and scans are being used in development (besides in our games):

And in case you missed the 2023 recap: Niantic Social Impact 2023: Using AR and Games to Build Connections & Communities – Niantic Labs

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Hey @margaritedville - Don’t forget our friends at

They def use the LightshipMap for their game.