Niantic Vs Reality

According to the latest criteria update these can be eligible and acceptable


Which part of that do these not align with @NianticTintino @NianticAaron

Is a 360° view around one of Europe’s most historic, prettiest cities, a destination for hundreds of thousands of tourists every year due to that history, sights, fringe and festival, oh and there’s a castle… Built on top of a volcano…
The location is in a nature reserve next to The Royal Observatory.

Festival and Fringe



Maybe this one’s is better?

Located in Richmond Park the biggest Royal Park in London, a nature reserve, site of special scientific interest with iconic views of the city of London and it’s buildings.


I think the appeals team have their own criteria and it involves flipping a coin.


Yes? No? Maybe?

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I also think Aaron has a different take on the criteria from almost the entire community (trail markers, rotating art installation as 2 examples)

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At least they talk to us :slight_smile:

A pretty rare trait in Niantic world.

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Not a conversation though is it… more drop a comment into a discussion that is contrary to the accepted view and then disappear and never mention it again (trail markers, old forum)

Can’t read what you wrote but I’m sure it was witty and not too offensive

I got told off :slight_smile:

I should get an answer though since staff have read this right…?


I don’t see a bench in front :eyes:

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There is.

That was from when it was even less likely to get these accepted and I pretty much knew it would get rejected :slight_smile:

The viewpoints speak for themselves, even though I’d personally like them. Has to be a tangible object/thing.

Your benches should have gotten the approval though. I got one denied recently, wasnt even a bench so much as a marker with one next to it, but it got the “its a bench” and “generic business” treatment.