Niantic Wayfarer:- Pokémon Go First?

Hiya All,

While I may have only joined recently I am not one of these user that doesn’t research things as I go along and retain the knowledge such as criteria requirements while I’m out and about exploring.

Now…while I’ve been picking up on things in my exploration zones that are either hidden away from the view or take a while to get to and keeping an eye on the map for locations I sent in a few contributions along the way.

Initially these are taking a while to be processed probably due to the lack of reviewers on the system nearby however after being rejected and i appealed then the Niantic Appeals team came back to me and added the waypoints,however what I’m curious about is when the waypoint is accepted why is it going live in Pokémon Go first and then a day or two later it’s going live in Ingress when I submitted it “Through Ingress” which is a far more detailed system but a pain in the buttski…it’s very weird.

Surely Ingress should go live first as that was where it was submitted and certain keywords such as “portal” or “pokestops/gym” can give a hint to the reviewer…maybe the wayfarer system needs to state where it was submitted from.

Any extra insight knowledge on this will be appreciative.

I think it just depends when each game syncs with the lightship database to find the new stuff and changes

It’s certainly not based on which game the nomination came from - I dont think anyone other than the submitter and Niantic know that


Each game has a daily sync time. Ingress tends to be a few hours after Pokémon Go. So depending on when something is submitted, it might show in one game first, or the other. It just depends how the sync lines up with the time it was accepted.


Ingress sync has been all over the place time-wise for as long as I can remember, but is definitely several hours minimum after the regular Pokemon Go sync time.

But if Pokemon Go has a delayed sync, then the Ingress portal could show first.


The two games (that have regular syncs) have different sync times and acceptance cutoff times, and both regularly have delays or hiccups. As a result of all of this you could easily see a 1-2 day delay between different games, but it’s quite certain neither of them is intrinsically advantaged or disadvantaged.