Palma, Spain - the whole city center wiped

Since yesterday at around 11 p.m. CEST the whole old town of Palma, Balearic Islands has been completely wiped from way spots in Pokémon Go.

We have tried several android devices. Mine is an Oppo Reno 8 pro, but have also tried on a Samsung s23 pro. Game versión is 0.319.0-G-64

We are talking about over 60 POI gone from the game, with al their corresponding routes, gyms etc. They still appear in Campfire and Ingress.

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I’m guessing this is like other cases that have been reported in Poland and Australia. Some locations have more Pokéstops or Gyms than the Pokémon Go proximity rules allow for, due to Wayfarer abuse in the past. If Niantic is made aware of such locations where this has happened, they temporarily remove everything from the area in Pokémon Go, and then over the next few days things will sync back into the game with the intended proximity rules applied.


Hola @Catmiaus! Tengo constancia de que otras zonas de Palma han pasado por el mismo proceso por el que muchas pokeparadas o gimnasios han desaparecido temporalmente y, días después, han vuelto a aparecer esta vez cumpliendo las reglas de inclusión. Entiendo la consternación pero, como te han comentado, parece ser que casi seguro que se debe a una acción tomada por Niantic para limpiar ciertas zonas de abuso. Es seguro que en unos días volverán a aparecer aquellas que cumplan las reglas para hacerlo. Mientras tanto solo queda esperar a que Niantic termine de trabajar en dicha zona. Por favor tened paciencia.


Hello both! Hola!

Thanks for the quick response, this is the first time we had seen this and the area affected is the main area where we play. With only days to the global fest, we were really concerned.

This explains a lot. I always wondered how they do it in Japan, as the way stops are closer than they are here and. Let’s hope we don’t lose too many.

Gracias por el soporte, tendremos paciencia.

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In Japan there are a lot of sponsored locations, which can artificially increase the stop density


Any idea of how long this process takes on average? This is the main meetup/community area and Go fest is a few days away, we are wondering if we should start looking for other locations and change meetups

Depende de la cantidad de abuso que hubiese en la zona tardarán más o menos en solucionarlo supongo, no se puede saber el tiempo exacto que tardarán en volver a aparecer.

I wonder if the Wayfarer team will refund all the affected players who spent £15 on Global Go Fest tickets and now have no way to play it :roll_eyes:


Yo preguntaba por los casos que comentabais de Australia y Polonia, porque si el centro sigue así, no podremos jugar el fest ahí - y es la zona de juego de la comunidad. Estamos planteándonos si viajar fuera de la isla y todo si no se soluciona. No hay ninguna otra zona equivalente en spawn.

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I’m the one who posted the Australia thread. Our stops came back in 48 hours. Hope yours don’t take any longer than that.


Hi! Pokestops are back. However, gyms are not despite they still being visible in campfire. Were the gyms in Australia restored? Is there any way to request restoration? Because wide areas do not have a gym close now

The process may have caused the locations of some gyms to be rerolled, so some locations that were previously Gyms may now be Pokéstops and vice versa. It can take a while for removed Gyms to disappear from Campfire, but new Gyms tend to show up fairly quickly on it.

It may be that there’s not enough PokéStops within the area for there to be a Gym now?

No, there are plenty. I was wondering if the gym reroll was reversible as current locations are concentrated and the area where the stops disappeared is now left without a gym


When our stops were removed, some gyms in the middle of the cluster remained, others were shifted to nearby areas. When the stops returned, POIs that were previously gyms became stops. Your gyms will probably not return to the area. Look for new gyms in surrounding areas.

I presume when the whole re rolls then there will be fresh gym selection.
It is frustrating if well established gold gyms disappear, especially if you had a well worked routine for doing raids.
But the standard number of gyms should be present just in different places.
If the area previously had more than the standard number it was probably the result of malicious movement of gyms in the past.