Photo Removal Request

The church known as First Love closed several years ago and was absorbed by Vineyard Church.

In December I was able to update the name of the gym and had uploaded a photo of the new sign to switch out the one of the First Love sign. Earlier this morning the new photo was accepted.

Could the photo of the First Love sign be removed from the gym?

To be clear the church is operating still under. The new name, I’m just hoping the old photo can be removed as the sign it shows no longer exists in real life.

Vineyard Church
42°56’08"N 76°34’56"W
Auburn, NY

Supporting Information
(Auburn church, soup kitchen to close after 38 years)

Hi @124SBF
You can ask for photo removals on help chat (the orange bubble in Wayfarer).
This had work for me a few times

When the changing is so fresh, wait a bit.

how did you up vote the photo? is that still an Ingress thing?

Hi @lanakin
Idk how it works as a whole, but what you can do on your own is (pogo): open the stop, open the photo(s) and give a :+1:.
But this is not wayfarer related, so we’re not allowed to talk deeper.

I’m not sure how it’s not wayfarer related. if so, that’s fine. just curious how some old photos stay in place versus new, updated photos. and perhaps it’s because you’re suppose to vote on them? if you’re not suppose to officially, that’s ok.

Click on a stop, click an arrow in the top right, click the photos in the bottom left, thumb up the photo you like the best

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Thanks for the appeal @124SBF Based on the evidence provided, we’ve removed the invalid image of the Wayspot.

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You have to be level 38 to thumbs up photos, but only level 37 to submit nominations.