Pokestop accepted but in the wrong position

Hi guys,

I got a pokestop accepted 3 weeks ago, but it is actually not in the right position

I contacted the support 3 times giving them the correct position but still no response

What would you guys do ?

There are no wayspots at the location you’ve posted in your screenshot. Are you sure you are showing a screenshot from the correct wayspot?

Edit: I see you’ve updated your screenshot now

What support did you contact? Help chat has worked quickly for me when I have had evidence.

Access help chat from Niantic Wayfarer and a chat bubble pops up.

I’m sorry it was the wrond screenshot, I edited it

alot of my approved nominations’ location has been terribly placed. It’s amazing how many of them are not placed in the correct place/ where they were originally marked in the nomination.

reviewers, including Niantic reviewers, can and will move the pin on a nomination if they can see actual poi at a different point. if you are offsetting your nominations to put them in an empty cell, don’t.

if you are submitting at the correct, actual, real-life position and it has been moved to an incorrect location, use help chat as referenced above to get them placed accurately. don’t ask for a move if the only reason is to get it to show up in a specific game. i did see one post on the old forum where the submitter was placing pins accurately and the community reviewers were moving them to inaccurate positions, so i do know that can happen.


every single one of my nomination markers have been directly on the POI. Spending hours using 3rd party maps, and figuring out which cells are able to have a POI placed in them, only to have reviewers to place them in an already occupied cell. That is more than frustrating, and The nominator should not have to clean up the mess a reviewer made of the nomination. It’s a slap in the face. Reviewers in my area have become extremely lazy, or denying nominations with Rejection criteria that does not exist in the nominations. Being forced to spend time to go out and re-nominate POIs, because the appeal process is so bad, is also extremely frustrating.

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i wish i could get back to the old forum to see that post about this happening to someone else. maybe make a separate post listing nominations that were incorrectly moved. iirc, niantic returned the wayspots to the correct position and took action on reviewers moving them.

The feeling of having malicious/ lazy reviewers in my area, plus upgrades are jus about worthless now a days, combine that with the insanely long turn around for nominations to get approved, and having to go out and resubmit stuff that should have probably been approved the first time, has almost killed my motivation to continue to submit stuff. It is a horrible combination to have to constantly deal with. The fact that a reviewer can decide where they want to put a POI marker is crazy to me. The reviewer should not have that ability. I’m part of 3 different Pogo communities in my area, and having the most understanding of the nomination process, my local communities have been relying on me to get the areas as well mapped out as possible, esp before the big summer events. I enjoy exploring and trying to find stuff to add to the lightship/ NIA games so everyone can enjoy them; but the process of nominating and reviewing stuff is not supportive of nominators in any way shape or form. The worst is going through the forums, and reading different people’s opinions/ requirements/ what they want to see as nominations for wayspots…

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