Pokestop Denied - To Appeal or Not Appeal

My recommendation was denied. I’m assuming this is due to the title/description. Not dure if it’s best to label it sign? I’ve seen a lot of similar type signs.

This is only my 3rd nomination and the only one denied and I’m wondering if I can appeal or just create a new one? I didn’t see any space to edit the original submission.

Thank you!

Neighborhood signs are not unique, and typically will be rejected, hence the temp and not distinct rejection. The garden isn’t much, mainly looking like landscaping. Even if you resubmit, it’ll be a hard sell to get approved, and most likely won’t be approved on appeal.

That’s what I figured. I did read a thread about this but soooooo many of the pokestops that I pass by are neighborhood signs.

Thank you! I probably won’t appeal.

@NianticTintino please consider adding something about apartment, townhouse and subdivision signs like this one to Criteria Clarification Collection

So many are in game, and so many people are submitting them in good faith. And so many of us feel they do not meet criteria, and reject them.

Oh, I already asked that it be added. I think there will be more added, once the ambos have finished them up.

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I have as well. But I wanted to point to another example of it being needed.