Private Pools is accepted as Wayspot


I’ve noticed this is a recurring issue, and I’m curious if someone official can confirm this. A few days ago, a PokéStop (in Pokémon Go, of course) appeared within a private area. Here are some screenshots to verify this:



Not only that, but the photo of the location was also taken from a house, as the height of the photo suggests it was taken from a window/terrace of one of the apartments:

The guidelines clearly state that private areas cannot be Wayspots, and even the Wayfarer Team has rejected such locations. This leads me to believe that if this was done by a person, these employees do not know their own rules, or if it was done by an AI, it is not trained correctly (apologies if I don’t know exactly how the validation is done after reporting):

Personally, I don’t think it’s fair since I can’t reach the location as such; I remain outside the private residential area. Is there anything else I can do?

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Niantic defines private property as “single family private residential property” and this is in a common area so it acceptable.

Not every person has to be able to reach every Wayspot.


Looks like a community pool at an apartment block? Which would be eligible as some people have access to it - more than just 1 family.

We would only have to reject a pool that is inside a house’s garden, where only 1 family have access, or if it were at a school or similar. Other pools can usually be accepted.


Welcome @Asrhan22!

Niantic eligibility can be a little confusing at times. So let me try and break this down.

There are different types of residential Private Property:

  • Single Family Private Residential Property (SFPRP) is a house/farm where one family lives. Nothing of this type of property is eligible.

  • Communities - Apartment buildings, Condominiums, gated neighborhoods all can have amenities like gyms, pools, fountains, art that are eligible as long as it is in a common area.

So it appears that the pool in your example is eligible. It does not need to be accessible to everyone it is perfectly fine that it is only accessible to the people that live in that community.



Thanks to clarify then. Now I understand a bit more the situation.



This is not 100% true. It is nuanced depending on where you are

It all depends on the country you live in, subject to the the rules and regulations of the land an object is on.

And Niantic does not trump local laws. In fact Niantic T&Cs clearly state you have to abide by the laws/rules of where you are. So what is acceptable in one place sometimes is not in another.

Nor does Niantic in its main criteria section on eligibility, acceptance, rejection and content guidelines explicitly say one way or another. Because Niantic has a community element to it - it often lets the community suss it out.

And what constitutes a single private residence is a construct that is perhaps US centric and that is not global. In many countries an apartment is very much a single private residential residence. While the whole block may have communial facilities they are not open to the public, and even the residents are constrained by caveats placed on what they (residents) can and cannot do.

So unfortunately a yes / no situation subject to where you are. If unsure don’t nominate, if reviewing skip or say I don’t know (don’t reject it). I err on the side of caution. Because there is often a local community of local people who probably know better than I about their local thing just as I know more (generally) about my local thing.

As for not reaching things. IT must be some way away from you. As the circle of accessing a waypoint is quite large.

You raise an interesting point @Asrhan22 - there are fair few waypoints on land that is only accessible during certain hours. If you were passing through outside of those hours does that lack of access equal something like your pool scenario you can never have access to. :wink:

Gotta love the game

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