Questionable POI?

I was out and about today and noticed that a realtor’s office is now a Pokestop! It doesn’t meet ANY of the three criteria (a national chain that wouldn’t want groups in the parking lot, nor is it a good place for exercise.). While I’m not sure how this was approved, it was. I’d like to request its removal, but none of the options on the report page of the Pokestop fit the criteria. How should I handle this? Or should I just leave it alone? (The quantity of POI’s that don’t fit any criteria at all have increased, and it bugs me!)

I have had some success using the Reporting Abuse form at the top here for these situations. Quite possibly it was an incorrect accept by the ML model.

That form allows you to choose “Criteria Issues” iirc

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To my knowledge we cant remove things for not meeting criteria - removal critieria seems to be a bit separate from acceptance critieria


Oh and if Niantic decides not to accept the report or take action, I will let the business know the Wayspot exists, and let them know they can contact Niantic for removal themselves.


That was very helpful – thank you! I did use the “abuse” tab and used the criteria section as a reason. Thanks!!


Interestingly enough, I got a response from my abuse request for criteria, which was one of their options. They said “it does not meet our requirements for removal at this time.” They also thanked me for “helping us maintain” the quality of Wayspots, though this wayspot contradicts their quality statement. Lol! I tried, I guess. Thanks to you for your help!

As @frealafgb and @cyndiepooh suggested above, it is unfortunately a likely outcome. For what it’s worth, it’s a known misalignment and you are not alone in this. Niantic! Stop approving ineligible, boring, generic Wayspots!