Removal of Wayspots in a Closed Resort

The following waypoints, located in Island Cove, were part of a leisure resort that has been closed since 2018. These waypoints should now be retired, as the resort no longer exists and the area has been transformed into an industrial zone.

Wayspot Title Lat Long City Country
Cavite Hall 14.461716,120.923074 Kawit, Cavite Philippines
Animal Island Canon 14.463516,120.922594 Kawit, Cavite Philippines
Island Cove Wildlife Sanctuary 14.463187,120.922543 Kawit, Cavite Philippines
Herman The Cow 14.463086,120.922355 Kawit, Cavite Philippines
Island Cove Party Rock Stage 14.463327,120.923583 Kawit, Cavite Philippines
Island Cove Red Happy Playground 14.462764,120.923472 Kawit, Cavite Philippines
Giant Chess 14.462223,120.923323 Kawit, Cavite Philippines
Island Cove La Covia Tent Marker 14.462404,120.922488 Kawit, Cavite Philippines
Tejeros Grand Ballroom 14.462105,120.922762 Kawit, Cavite Philippines
As the Lady Pours 14.461716,120.923074 Kawit, Cavite Philippines

Please see supporting news items regarding the closure:

The area is also now closed to the public. From Satellite images, you will see that this area is now a building complex.

I have tried reporting the portals individually but it was rejected.

Thank you.


And silence…

they generally take a few days to a week to respond to these. maybe take some time to familiarize yourself with things before you continue to spout off


Nah I find people here respond with in minutes

@Rebi just to note that restricted access is allowed (see the tooltip from the Appropriate section, review page). Otherwise, great reporting.

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it’s a removal appeal, the only replies that matter are from Nia. most posts like this don’t get any replies at all unless it seems that the appeal is incorrect in some way or there is a bunch of astroturfing from brand new accounts in support of the removal/Restoration


Thanks for the appeal, @Rebi After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to retire the Wayspot in question. Please wait until you receive the rejection email to appeal other candidates.