Returning a deleted wayspot

Hi, I want to report a malicious removal of a wayspot that is perfectly legitimate and accessible from a public area. Wayspot was here for 2 years and suddenly someone canceled it? I don’t understand for what reason? It is one of the few historical monuments in the region where Franz Lichtenstein reigned at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, and these sandstone stones marked out and divided the territory he controlled. It is therefore a definite historical and cultural monument.

The coordinates you’ve provided appear to be a private residential property. If the object was located there, then it was correctly removed.

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just because they appear to be doesn’t mean they really are. I don’t know what you see on the map, but I sent you real photos of the wayspot. all of these adjacent lots belong to the city and are therefore not a private residence. If we were to follow your interpretation, we could cancel a lot of wayspots and in no time you can cancel the whole game….

I’m going by what I can see on satellite view, which is this:

Your photos suspiciously don’t show either of those buildings, which suggests you might have been trying to hide that they’re single family private residences. There is no street view, so if they genuinely aren’t single family private residences, it’s up to you to provide enough evidence that the Wayspot was not on private residential property, and you haven’t done that with what you’ve included in your original post.

If there are other wayspots in your local area that are also on private residential property, those should be removed too.

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In that case, according to what you write, 80 percent of wayspots are located near some private residences or possibly family houses. But that does not mean that they are private residences. for God’s sake, you are trying to defend something here that is completely indefensible. I sent clear photos where you can see the street and the view into it and the city, and you write to me that I tried to hide something on purpose? This can not be true. I tried to photograph it just so that it can be seen that the real wayspot is really located here and is adjacent to the local road and is on city property. The fact that there are several years old aerial photos on Google Maps is unfortunately not my fault. But you are obviously looking for a way out of this. Is it even worth trying to improve the game if there is no will from Niantic?

This is a nice historical stone, unfortunately the OP is not being entirely honest. While this is correctly located, this particular piece of land is not a property of the city, but rather of “Gr*****ř Pavel”, the owner of the house next to it. Furthermore the stone itself has been moved to that location recently and could be possibly stolen. The location can be viewed here:

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All I’m saying is that someone clearly reported this for being invalid, and Niantic agreed with it based on what they can see. Your pictures don’t show the properties at all, despite the fact the coordinates do appear to be located on the border between the two properties, meaning it’s very likely that it was reported for private residential property and that it would require evidence to the contrary to be reinstated.


thats probably his house…

The person who shared the map seems to agree that it is on private residential property. The fact that you chose to go on a rant instead of providing evidence to the contrary suggests that there is no actual evidence to the contrary and that it is on private residential property, and that it was correctly removed. Anyone could’ve reported this. It might not have even been an Ingress Agent, the report could’ve been submitted through any game where the Wayspot appears that also has reporting functionality, and even if it was reported by the opposite team, it’s not malicious if the removal is valid, which it appears to be. So please refrain from being nasty to the opposite team. It’s uncalled for.

You keep saying the same thing over and over and it’s not true. Photos were also provided from the maps sent by lenadabest693. I have secured enough evidence and am requesting the return of the wayspot.

Thanks for the appeal, @ENLHPkllrs After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to restore the Wayspot in question.

Thank you so much @NianticAtlas for hearing the truth and that there is justice. I am not only concerned with this wayspot, but I want to fight against the malicious interference of such wayspots in our area. And I have one more question. I believe that the player who maliciously reports these wayspots will definitely try again. Is there any defense against this? Thanks a lot