Wayspot removal appeal: Pinard trail

When submitting a Wayspot Appeal, make sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Wayspot Title: Pinard trail

  • Location (lat/lon): 45.491244, -73.374024

  • City: Longueuil

  • Country: Canada

  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email (do not include your personal information):

  • Additional Information (if any): The sign is located in someone backyard without any access, there’s no trail at all, Niantic players must walk on private property without permission to get there…

First photo and screenshot of the location i was when it was taken show there’s no trail entrace behind the house at the beginning of the street.

2nd photo and screenshot of the location i was when it was taken show there’s no trail entrace at the park in the middle of the street neither.

3rd photo and screenshot of the location i was when it was taken show there’s no trail entrace behind the last house at the end of the street neither.

Let me know if mores informations is needed.
My verdict is that there is no path, no pedestrian access and that it is a fake wayspot in someone’s yard (private property). So please remove it.


It’s ridiculous, people abuse and create fake wayspot and you are there taking no action despite the evidence that I have provided… what should I do to prove to you that the waspot was without pedestrian access and on private land ? If I understood correctly, during your big verification… you decided that having 2 identical portals 10km from each other was proof of its legitimacy and that no one in my region abuses and creates fake wayspots in private woods without access…

Thanks for the appeal, @Ramzyx. We took another look at the Wayspot in question and decided that it does not meet our criteria for removal at this time.

there’s another wayspot with the exact same photo so one of the two is fake
“Sentier Pinard Trail Marker” 45.450161,-73.25936

and considering that the one reported here is all by itself, and that the other one has several other nearby wayspots with titles referencing the trail including maps of the area i’m inclined to think that the one reported here is fake.

this investigation took me under a minute and my available tools are not as good as what you have internally. please do better.

@NianticLC please see previous comment

and actually… there are 2 identical photos at this other location too so there’s a dupe you can retire as well. bonus!

edit: ok actually… i think this other spot is all fakes as well but i can’t prove it. what a mess.

ok yeah, all or most of the trail related wayspots here are stolen from this area quite a ways away:

i will make a separate abuse report but please retire the wayspot reported here @NianticLC

The others portals close to the other pinard trail are all fake as well, i cant imagine the effort needed to get them removed… if it’s too much complicated just to remove one, there’s a few cluster of fake wayspots like that in my area…

i’m reporting 22 around the other location now, i should be able to get the support team to remove them by using the abuse reporting form rather than this method.

feel free to send me any other fake clusters, i can generally track down the sources depending on what’s in the photos on the wayspots.

Agreed! This area looks suspicious. I’ll have it reviewed.

Moreover, the Wayspot reported in the original topic has been removed.

What look did you take? Tell me… did you check openstreetmap? Because if you take a look, you can clearly see there’s no trail there… again I’ll ask what im supposed to provide as evidence to make you understand this wayspot is not valid according to the niantic criteria i know very well… look at my data, ive added more then 1000 wayspots… i know what’s good and what’s not… why can’t you believe me? Does making fake wayspots is the way to go and should start too, since you guys don’t take removal seriously, and during the time im debating here with you, someone else is creating fake wayspots somewhere…

There should be a trail like i make

on the 2nd photo but there’s NOT!

I’ve seen thing from Saint-Bruno national park submitted as far as Boucherville…

Thank you! should i not submit my report via the form then?

There appear to be 2 sets of fakes in this other area as indicated by the purple and orange markings:

the purple ones all have low quality photos so i can’t make out any of the text. it’s quite clear from the maps shown (plus the multiple wayspots with identical photos just in this area) that they are not here but i can’t figure out where they actually are.

The orange ones are absolutely from the area i screenshotted in the previous comment as can be seen by just a quick visual check of the type of markers at that other location as well as the names of lakes and other features mentioned on the signs at this fake spot.

That should not be required. I have added this screenshot and comments for the reference.


personally i always check OSM first, but many areas haven’t been mapped so it’s not a surefire thing. as for why the team rejects so often… well sadly fake reports are common and they err on the side of leaving things in. In this case it only took a bit of extra effort to find another wayspot with the same image but that’s not always the case. and i don’t think the team does that kind of check very often. personally i think the evidence you provided was sufficient, which is why i chose to look deeper but i can’t say why exactly the support team did not.

Yes both circled area are fake wayspot cluster, some photo have been used arount this location too

The portal have been removed this morning, i didn’t get any email, so thanks to whoever did that, i think this case is close.