Review Vineyard Church wayspot removal - request

Hello, I would like to ask why the Vineyard Christian Church wayspot was removed from Pokemon Go.

  • Wayspot Title: Vineyard Christian Church of Flushing
  • Location (lat/lon): 40.7678320172061, -73.82661925370155
  • City: New York
  • Country: USA
  • Additional Information (if any): I believe it was removed due to a malicious request from another player, which should not have happened.

on Google it shows a different name, we were recently informed on these forums that unless it’s a mural the correct course of action when sometime changes to a different thing is to remove it and nominate the new thing.

it’s possible that the person who reported it has also nominated the church that seems to be there now?

fwiw it’s also gone in ingress so it doesn’t seem to be a property owner request which typically leads to removal only from Pokemon go.

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Thanks for the appeal @calpal147 We gave this a second look and decided to restore the Wayspot in question.

Thank you! Can it also be restored as a gym? It was maliciously reported for removal in order to get another wayspot promoted as a gym in the area, which is now Colden Playground.