Sendai Japan

I’m not there but saw this tent on social media - I wonder the free swag is “upgrades” !!

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Well last last year in London it was
Water bottles, t shirts, pins and stickers depending on reviews done.
@NianticTintino some pictures would be nice?

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I know is not official but @kowloonsgt shared some photos in their Twitter account with this year swag!


So, translation for the badge prizes below.

Wayfarer Platinum: Baseball cap
Wayfarer Gold: T-shirt
Wayfarer Silver: Fanny pack
Wayfarer Bronze: Pin

I like the t-shirt design, with the location marker in different colors. Appears that those are also the sticker designs.

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And fudge :wink:

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They dont have fudge in Japan :roll_eyes:

But if we organise even a small wayfarer meet up in the UK there will be fudge.

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You mean a bum bag? People in UK would laugh at Fanny Pack.


Waist satchel seems like a better term, but in the US, it’s fanny pack. It’s just a weird thing, if you ask me. :laughing:

we need a :100: reaction emoji


D*mn, I would use it right now with your comment :laughing:

I would like to share a few words with Explorers about the great experience we had at Pokémon Go Fest 2024 Sendai.

I would like to thank @NianticTintino and @NianticThibs for coming to distant Japan in 2024 as they did in 2023. I was really happy that both of you welcomed me with hugs.

Statistics for Wayfarer in Japan were displayed on the monitors at the Wayfarer booth.

From the linked (2/7) image
Get to know Japan Explorers

Wayfarer Explorers in Japan: 387,143
Wayspots in Japan: 2,119,682
VPS-Activated Wayspots in Japan: 79,379

Until now, the number of Wayspots has not been widely publicized. So I think this information is a very interesting statistic.

As mentioned earlier, here are the swag you can get by showing off your Wayfarer medal in Pokémon Go.

The Wayfarer booth was sold out of the 2024 CAP by 10:00 on the first day, and T-shirts were soon out of the desired colors and sizes. If you want the Swag you want, it is best to get there early on each day. And on the morning of the last day, I saw a rather heartbroken trainer report on X (formerly Twitter) that he had gone all the way to the Wayfarer booth and only received a pin badge, even though his Wayfarer medal was platinum.

As a side note, Japanese Explorers wanted the black T-shirts in size S or M the most. Next year, please order more and bring a lot of them to Japan!

And once again this year, the Wayfarer booth took a lunch break and closed temporarily. If you plan to go to the Wayfarer booth around noon, watch out.

And finally, I must thank NianticTintino and NianThib for their participation in the Wayfarer drinking party I hosted. I am very honored to have had this special opportunity to meet both of you. I would also like to thank them once again for their thoughtful answers to each and every one of our questions. I sincerely look forward to seeing all the Explorers from all over the world at the Wayfarer booth again next year.

:point_down:t2:Commemorative photo with Wayfarer team (during the day)

:point_down:t2:NianticTintino smiles as he holds a cap signed by Japanese Explorers.

:point_down:t2:Commemorative photo with the Wayfarer team (after drinks)

Thank you to everyone involved with Wayfarer and I wish you all the best for the upcoming Pokémon Go Fest 2024 Madrid and New York City experience. That’s all from me.


Thanks @kowloonsgt for the detailed debrief post for Go Fest Sendai. Thank YOU for organizing the Wayfarer dinner! Again it was great to meet our community, we heard your feedback and suggestions and we’ll incorporate it in our roadmap.

Wrt the swag we have this year, I trust that Sendai was the exception with the caps, as for Madrid and NYC we will have water bottles.


Thanks for the update! You had an awesome experience!!

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I would like to inform you that my fellow Wayfarer wanted the following Wayfarer goods.

Wayfarer hoodie
Wayfarer towel
Wayfarer sunglasses
Wayfarer bangle
Wayfarer tote bag
Neck strap for Wayfarer smartphone
Wayfarer slip-on (sandals?)

It’s everyone’s dream to dye the whole body Wayfarer color😆 (I hate reviews though (laughs))

Can you show a photo of what you mean by Wayfarer bangle? To me that is a bracelet which sounds too expensive to brand and give out for free. Maybe it’s what I think of as those “cause” bracelets that are rubbery and slip on? In that case, I can’t imagine those being very popular.

Cost is going to drive all of these things.

This photo is a commemorative bangle distributed to the qualifying contestants of “Pokémon Japan Championships 2023”. I’m imagining something like this. It’s made of rubber. I don’t think the cost is a problem. I’d be happy if I could get a gold or platinum bangle, but I know it’s impossible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The cost on that would be fine. I just don’t see anyone picking that.