Stone Silo Brewery

Thought this nomination would have been a slam dunk, but it was denied on submission and appeal as “Location Inappropriate”. I think the algorythim or staff reviewers think this is a “farm” and not a brewery. So in this draft I’ve taken out all references to “farm” or “farm style beer”. I also want to take a new additional picture that includes the sign one again, but feature all the picnic tables for for people to site on, I think maybe the parking lot gave the impression this was more of a industrial location.

Do you all think the title is ok, or anything else?

Stone Silo Brewery

Stone Silo Brewery was founded in 2023 and has quickly become a popular gathering place for family, friends and pets in Damascus, MD. Bring you own food, reserve a firepit, listem to live music or buy a growler to take home. The entire property is ADA compliant and has two handicap parking spots.

NOT A FARM!, the land was sold to the brewery for commercial use. NOT A GENERIC BUSINESS!, this is the one and only Stone Silo Brewery…local and loved. NOT AN INAPPROPRIATE LOCATION, this business has plenty of green space and children are frequent and welcomed.

28800 Kemptown Road, Damascus, MD 20872



Last time, we thought NIantic internal reviewers may have rejected the brewery as ‘adult-only’ or industrial, and speculated that machine-learning remembered the original decision and kept reinforcing it.

Conditions on the ground have changed: there are now several accepted Wayspots on this site, but I don’t remember what they are. If the brewery has already been accepted, and you are trying to nominate the sign itself, you will need to persuade the reviewers of the sign’s artistic merit.

Perhaps the wood was sawed on-site from trees on the property, and the owners created the lettering on an old-fashioned blacksmiths forge.

What makes this sign a great place to explore, socialize, or exercise? If it doesn’t pass this threshold, what aspect of this agricultural establishment do you wish it to serve as a proxy for?

Sometimes as you nominate more in an area the job becomes easier. Reviewers see your previous trailheads as proof, and the agreements flow in. Sometimes each nomination simply stands alone on its own merits. Sometimes it becomes harder as with every new nomination you face over-saturation.


@eneeoh’s advice is spot on, but could we see the rejection on the nomination and the rejection statement by the appeal reviewers? there may be no point in continuing to pursue this particular candidate.

i try to avoid nominating signs for places whenever possible, and if i do i don’t use the word “sign” in the title. the place is what you’re nominating and the sign is just a representation of it.

that said, I’d nominate the silo itself personally.


I’ve had two nominations accepted around the brewery:

  1. Historic Stone Silo - This is a landmark for the Silo itself which has been on the property longer than the brewery. So I see this as somewhat detached from the brewer due to it’s standalone historic nature.

  2. Crossroad of Breweries Mile Marker - I see this as an “informational sign” placed there by the brewery as an art piece/mile marker, but it is not the primary sign of the brewery itself.

What I’m try for now is a Pokestop for the breweries sign itself, which lays directly on top of the Google Pin. This would act as the primary landmark for the brewery itself.

The only thing i see live in ingress so far is the silo

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Thank @eneeoh I’ll work on adding those details. I know the sign was created locally, so I’ll see if there is an interesting story behind it.

There should be a second one appearing shortly that was just accepted.

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I was actually worried about this submission because there were people in the distance, but luckily they are far enough away they are not identifiable.

If the rejection reason is “Location Inappropriate” that is supposed to correspond to being for adults only. I say “supposed to” because we have seen statements that rejections from Niantic don’t always match the actual reason that it is being rejected for. If it were being rejected for being on a farm, that reason should be “Private Property”. It matters in knowing how to focus your resubmission. Should you keep trying to get them to accept this business that is open to all ages? Point out that the faq clearly says that kids are welcome: FAQ - Stone Silo Brewery

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Does the brewery ever have live musicians, corn hole championships, or any other social activities?

They do have lots of live music, I’ll mention that in the description

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One important question…

Wtf is a corn hole championship?

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Whatever your worst imagination tells you it is

Nah it’s throwing bean bags into a hole in a board

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It sounds more exciting than the reality.

This is from a place where Dook , Nettles and Puddings all happen though so I can’t be too judgemental.