"Historic Stone Silo" - How does this look?

Historical Stone Silo

The historical stone silo built in 1931 is the primary inspiration for the namesake & logo of “Stone Silo Brewery”, a wonderful gathering place for friends, family and pets of all ages.

This is not a private residence or farm, as of 2023 this property hosts a commercial brewery named “Stone Silo Brewery”, it’s open to the community and has an expansive parking lot.

28800 Kemptown Road
Damascus, MD 20872



It looks like you’ve rephrased the text a bit so that you aren’t directly copying from their website, which is great, but it should keep getting rightfully rejected if you continue to steal pictures instead of taking your own.

Oh snap

Looking at the location on Street View, it appears that the silo has been there for quite awhile, and the brewery built a new facade and roof onto it. It is something that I’d like to explore, as it’s unique architecture and inspiration for the brewery.

Oh, and I did look up the brewery, and kids are allowed, as long as they are with an adult of age, per their FAQs. It may be a good thing to add to the supporting info, since some breweries don’t allow kids, even if they’re with an adult.

For anyone wondering, here’s the brewery’s website:


Updated with the photos I took myself.

I also included the “Beer Garden” area and “Fancy Restroom” photos I thought might be a possible stop.

Nothing I submit on this propery is getting accepted, not sure if it’s cause Google Maps is still old and someone things it’s a PRIVATE FARM or RESIDENCE.

Yea, I’ve been there twice with friends…kids, adults and pets all intermingle. Both the bartenders are Pokemon Go players are are really hoping I can get something accepted. Just up the hill is “61 Vineyard” and they somehow got a stop.

I think it’s because it’s a brewery, and many consider them adult locations. It’s not a private property, as the business is listed on Google Maps, so I’m leaning more to adult location, which is why I recommend noting that it’s a family friendly business.

I’d also leave out the beer garden, or any mention of that. Maybe call it a outdoor patio instead. The bathrooms are going to be a hard sell, and I doubt they will get approved; bathrooms are typically not eligible.

Yea, bathrooms stretch for sure I was just honestly impressed with the stylish stand alone building.

I updated the description to include friends family and pets.

Do you think having “Historic” in the name will help?

It could, since it has been a part of the location for over 90 years. I don’t think it’ll hurt.

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First couple of pictures look like private property, you need to stress that they’re not either in the description or supporting text (or both).

I’ve added “Supportive Text” to my orginal posts. In past attempt to nominate this I’ve had “NOT A PRIVATE RESIDENCE OR FARM” in all caps, but I fear it goes unnoticed.

I appreciate all the tips, I’m making improvements based on just about every comment!

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Yeah, many see this as a way to influence reviewers, or trying to hide the fact that the submission is on private property. Not something that I’ve even done, and I have seen submissions with this in all caps and they are on private property.

OMG, I’ve posted about my attempts to nominate this silo over the last two months so much that if you do a Google text or image search using “brewery pokestop” it is like a top result! A lot of free advertising for “Stone Silo” I gues, lol.


On fancy bathrooms, there’s a waypoint in my town that is something like “rainbow loo”, and the outside of the building is painted in a really cool way in multi-colours. I dont have a picture, but yeah, the artwork on the outside made a toilet building get through voting! So they can be approved but it has to really stand out I guess.

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I’ve nominated a former toilet building, well technically the mural

Things on a toilet building

Never a toilet building though. There should be a wayfarer bonus for getting a toilet, bus stop accepted.

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And speaking of “picnic tables” this new Pokestop just appeared across from my job. Seeing things like this get accepted but my Silo being rejected has me scratching my head…luck of the draw I guess.

That’s completely eligible though. Maybe they could have taken a shot without the bin and the ‘specially’ is bothersome :slight_smile:

It’s a pretty easy accept for reviewers even with those. A stone silo they have to put some thought into.

Going to make my nomication today. I just have two more questions/statments.

  • I’d like to crop my photo to square shape to ensure proper centering before submitting…is that good or bad?
  • Looks like proper grammer is “Historical” and not “Historic”. Does anyone think that change in language is good or bad?

Wish me luck!

1:1 ratio works better for me otherwise the pictures can end up distorted.

I’m not sure it helps with reviewers though.

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