The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Edits

What to do the LDS church edits? I don’t want to sound hateful but I despise those (the edits) :frowning:

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I assume we chose the best one and move on, and take the easy agreement?

Can someone who knows the answer please tell me what the church prefers to be known as? Did I choose correctly?


What you think is correct and what the submitter thinks is correct doesn’t have to be analogous.

Choose which you think is the correct one :slight_smile:

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I would prefer to do what the church would want, but I’m not familiar with the churches…

I picked the things that looked more complete. “LDS” didnt seem like a proper name?

Funnily enough if it said “Spring Creek Chapel” I’d probably have chosen that? Its that LDS feels lazy to me rather than writing out the full name

I would do what the church wanted if they owned the map :slight_smile:

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I just think the church gets to pick their name and the name on the map should be accurate

Them I believe the ones you highlighted are the correct choices.

I like the Spring Creek version :slight_smile:


I think working in a big company has made me have an aversion to 3 letter acronyms


It won’t let me reply with a three letter acronym :smiling_face_with_tear:

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My first time :smiling_face_with_tear:

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For those wondering about said church, there’s been a discussion about it since the old forums that’s now here:

This church has a style guide, and it seems that the titles are matching the guidelines, but the descriptions we haven’t really figured out.

Baptists need to up their Niantic game

I think you’re trying to make a joke, but the truth is that there are many churches that have either closed or moved, and another church has moved into their old building, or, they have rebranded themselves.

There’s a church where I live that is now known as Northview Church, but it used to go by First Assembly of God prior to 2018. It’s still a part of the Assembly of God denomination, but some churches have chosen to drop their denomination from their names to try to appeal to a broader base. Some churches have also dropped certain denominations if they no longer align with the congregation’s values (not going to go into the Southern Baptist rifts, but there have been some well known ones in the last couple of decades).

You really won’t see this with say Catholic and Latter-days Saint churches, as there’s less independence for these churches to have names that don’t denote denomination.

@elijustrying not mad, but this conversation has turned into something different from the original post. could you split that into its own topic, so we can continue to report there if we seem to be getting a nomination that has already been decided to review? I think that the issue I was seeing when I made this post has been solved, and the church edits are a separate concern.

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As you see, its done

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Bless you.

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perfect example of needing a box for context/supplemental information with edit requests.

Hm. I seem think I’ve picked the “wrong” versions since I feel it’s nice to have the city/county/place mentioned in the title. And the description isn’t really a description at all, I mean isn’t that like every Christ-inspired church ever?

But if that’s indeed what the church would prefer, maybe I’ll just adjust my choices here. It’s not like it should matter to me, or my fellow players.

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I’m not sure it’s the ‘church’ doing it.

It seems like a smaller group of individuals and not a higher power. Not the high power of course.

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Strange thing with these one’s is they are word for word exactly the same title and description edits. (Feels like the same person or group edited them all) I’ve probably had approx 20 of these today and it is the exact same Title and description edits on all.

It’s your choice at the end of the day. I just went with what it is. And any of the ones that had a website had the same title so I stuck with that.

I have come across others churches with different titles that were not LDS churches. A quick search of their websites showed that they were either absorbed into another church organisation or were donated to a different religious group.

Didn’t actually know this happens as over here it wouldn’t be a thing that is done. Not saying it hasn’t and I’m not aware of it.

So that was my new thing learned for today.:+1: