Title update needed on wayspot

  • Wayspot Title: VFW Veterans Memorial
  • Location 1760 4th Ave E, Shakopee, MN 55379
    : 44.79711324963448, -93.49959601195546
  • City: Shakopee,MN
  • Country: United States
  • Additional Information (if any): Knights of Columbus vacated the premise and RESONATE Community Church is now at this location. There is no longer the flag pole or signage for VFW or the memorial.
    1760 4th Ave E, Shakopee, MN 55379

Since it’s not a mural, Niantic will probably consider it to be abuse to try to rename one eligible thing to another eligible thing and require that you resubmit and remove instead.

Who knows why they’re ok with renames for murals and only murals :person_shrugging:

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You may actually want to report this as an invalid Wayspot through whichever app you play. Here’s more info:

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I actually just submitted a wayspot removal as suggested for something similar and Niantic responded by editing the entire thing after I was told trying to do that was considered abuse. I would highly suggest you wait for the removal and/or edit before you use any nominations. I figured since it was abuse then I should nominate the ones that meet criteria, which I did and now they will likely be edited by Niantic instead.

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I looked at this location, and there was a flagpole and memorial of some type there back in June 2019, but by Sept 2021 it was removed. The correct location is 44.79711324963448, -93.49959601195546 for the memorial (lat/long provided didn’t work for me), and Street View shows that the memorial is no longer there.

June 2019:

Sept 2021:

This was also the Knights Events Center before it was the church, so I’m wondering if the center has a Wayspot still. It’s the same building, just a different name now, and the sign out front is the same, just with different names.

The correct lat/long for the church is 44.797000, -93.499470, which is in the middle of the building. Why would it have ever been called a VFW Veterans Memorial at this location to begin with?

Something just seems weird about this Wayspot.

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Thank you everyone. I appreciate the added info as I am learning this process.

I suspect the wayspot was for the flagpole/Memorial signage at one time. What do you use for lat/lon? The website I used was incorrect. Thank you for pointing that out! I greatly appreciate the help here. The building even has a cross mounted to the side of that rock wall now.

I used Google Maps, and found that the / in your coordinates is actually supported to be a comma, which is how Google Maps lists them. Once I replaced the / with a comma on Google Maps, it landed right in the middle of the building.

It’d be nice to have an ambo come and take a look at this, give their advice as to how to handle this.

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