Unable to appeal location edit for "Geographic Center of San Francisco"

37.754717, -122.442498 is roughly where this pin should be, further south along Corbett near the drainage ditch that comes down the embankment from Rooftop TK-8 upper-campus. I was attempting to walk it down to the appropriate location. The object is a brass medallion about 2" in diameter on the sidewalk.

  • Wayspot Title: Geographic Center of San Francisco
  • Location (lat/lon): 37°45’16.2"N 122°26’33.4"W
  • City: San Francisco
  • Country: San Francisco


You already appealed the edit via Contribution Management, and the appeals team made the decision not to move the Wayspot. You can only appeal a rejected submission once in Contribution Management.

Being this is a small geographic marker, it’s extremely hard to see on Street View at the location you are suggesting it to be at. I also find the description to possibly not be in your favor, as it mentions a location.

You may need to provide a geo tagged photo showing that it’s at the wrong location to get it successfully moved, at this point. Once you have this information, you may want to try a location edit via help chat or the link below. I would also recommend seeing about updating the description so it doesn’t have coordinates in it.