Valid Waypoint Removed - Appeal Simples Mortais

The process is clear and objective. But all this engagement represents such indignation at this type of situation where it is clear that there was bad intention in the removal. And it’s a way for the community to try to say something to NIA but apparently nothing happens. It’s not just about returning the portal.


What blows my mind is all these reports of “bad intention” removals of things that should not have been removed, when Niantic won’t even remove a Fire Station for other players. I want to know what vehicle for removal these Wayfinders are using.


If there is a broader issue affecting local wayfinders then it would be good to have the topic aired in the General area.

Was it accidentally deleted or was it just because too many people found it annoying?


Inappropriate removal of the porta. The portal is legitimate and real and it should be back.

Thanks for the appeal, @Bcarasso After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to restore the Wayspot in question.