Invalid removal from the POI: Guerreiro

When submitting a Wayspot Appeal, make sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Wayspot Title: Guerreiro
  • Location (lat/lon): -23.977732,-46.307839
  • City: Santos-SP
  • Country: Brasil
  • Additional Information: Dear Niantic Wayfarer,

I would like to present an appeal regarding the unfair removal of a portal much loved by the local community. This portal, which serves as a memorial, is a significant tribute and has inestimable value for all of us.

Firstly, I would like to highlight that the memorial is real and can be clearly seen on Street View, as shown in the attached photos. It is located on the wall of a condominium, a location that is completely accessible and safe for all players of Niantic games.

Memorial graffiti is very common in Brazil, being a popular way of honoring important people, events and milestones. These murals serve not only as works of art, but also as points of cultural and historical interest, providing a sense of identity and community.

I believe that the removal of this portal was the result of a mistake or, unfortunately, bad faith on the part of opponents. The memorial is a legitimate point of interest, meets all eligibility criteria set by Niantic, and provides a meaningful and culturally relevant gathering place for the community.

I kindly ask that you reconsider the removal and review the situation with attention to the details provided. The restoration of this portal is important to maintain the engagement and satisfaction of local players, as well as preserving the memory it represents.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and attention given to my request.


Memorial graffiti in honor of the military fallen. Should be reincluded.


Se está volviendo muy costumbre está clase de eliminación de portales rivales yo doy fé que en mi caso también está pasando, se debería de sancionar con esta clase de eliminaciónes de portales espero que el portal vuelva .


Fully valid portal, as shown in photos portal still exists


the portal exists and its valid. The new way to harm the other team’s game is by deleting valid portals.


Graffiti on a memorial made a long time ago that remains in place, wrongly removed. I hope it returns because it is a valid portal.


The portal still exists, should not be excluded


Mais uma vez niantic excluindo um portal válido…


This is vandalism, something meaningless


This is pure vandalism on the wall of a building and is not a memorial, it is practically erased from the wall.


oooo Didiii, look the memorial graffiti :eye::eye:

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Instead of a sign, is the wall graffitied? Then it becomes a memorial? Serious?


I believe that every player in our small town knows about this portal and it is difficult to understand how it could have been removed. Thankfully, the game is constantly evaluated and so I believe that this mistake will soon be corrected. If, with all the information and photos provided, any doubts still arise, here is an invitation to the players: our town has 4.35 miles of beach and 4.35 miles of Harbor, so one day playing in the town you will find the Guerreiro .


I’m glad to see that some players, probably responsible for the unfounded reports, showed up to defend their claims. The memorial portal has been in place for years. If it were to be considered vandalism, it would have already been removed from the wall. It is never too late for those responsible for the portal network to verify the report that led to the exclusion and act towards punishing this type of manipulation.


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Pessoal, vocês não tão em casa, o fórum é um local sério e não grupo do zap. Podem comentar da frustração que estão sentindo mas vamos ser educados.