Appeal for the replacement of the "MASTIL LAS PALMAS II" portal

Subject: Appeal for the replacement of the wayspot “MASTIL LAS PALMAS II”

Dear Niantic team,

My username is @CHARLIERCH and I am an active Ingress player from the Enlightened faction. I am writing to you to request the replacement of the “MASTIL LAS PALMAS” portal, located on Calle Las Granadillas, Chiclayo, Peru, with coordinates -6.785708, -79.858015.

I do not know the reason why this portal was eliminated, since I consider that it complies with all the guidelines established by Niantic for portals and wayspots, and abuse was committed by people who all they do is undermine the integrity of the game to eliminate this wayspot , below I present additional information for your reconsideration.

The “MASTIL LAS PALMAS II” is located in an outdoor park where residents go running in the mornings to exercise their bodies and has very safe access frequented by residents of the area. This mast not only serves as a meeting point for the community, but also has cultural, social and historical significance as it is an integral part of the urban environment since it was founded in 2000, promoting the identity of the town. Attached to this appeal, I am including a link to the Intel map showing its exact location: [link to Intel map](Ingress Intel Map -6.785708,-79.858015&z=15&pll=- 6.785708,-79.858015).

I am convinced that, upon reviewing this information, you will agree that the wayspot “MASTIL LAS PALMAS II” is a valuable wayspot that deserves to be reinstated in the game. And at the same time, you will also take sanction measures for the person who abused it with the elimination from this wayspot.

I thank you in advance for your time and attention to this request. I expect a favorable response.

Kind regards,



Thanks for the appeal @thekingofspadas We gave this a second look and decided to restore the Wayspot in question.