Wayfarer Challenge Rewards are Expiring

My rewards email says the passcodes expire in 30 days.
The challenge ended May 22.
My email is from June 6. I was able to redeem it last night June 23.

IF YOU HAVEN’T COLLECTED YOURS yet - beware that it won’t last forever.
And congratulations!

The email title is: Congratulations - Race Around the World Wayfarer Challenge Rewards


Use them or lose them!

I think it is incorrect to move this topic from General Discussion where people will see it, to Challenges where no one goes because no challenge is active.

The passcodes are still active, and it will be a shame if people let them expire without realizing!


Technically, it does belong in Challenges. Best thing to do is bumping the thread so people keep seeing it in the latest posts.

Technically it’s a bit pedantic to move a thread into the basements when it has a limited usage time.


Like I said, keep bumping it! We’re not the mods here.

30 days is quite a small window to have to claim within. I’m sure there’s a great reason for it but I can’t think what it is.


the codes from past challenges never expired… this really sucks if it’s true. guess I’ll have to make a plan to use mine soon

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For PoGo players, it’s great for Community Days. I used mine just before Goomy Community Day earlier this month.

@tehstone The codes do expire 30 days after being sent. We have seen people say they can’t redeem, only to find it’s been more than 30 days since they received the email.

this changed at some point, the first few of the recent challenges did not have expiring rewards as I used one in particular over six months later

it just doesn’t make sense for them to expire tbh


The challenge back in December 2023, the reward codes were good from 30 days from when the email was sent. There were a few users coming to the forums asking why their codes didn’t work anymore after 30 days, and even some before this last challenge started.

That really stinks if my December code expired! The email didn’t say it would.

Passcodes are great for anomalies. That way you can arrive with maximum gear, and if you use up something, can redeem the code to get more.

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There were people in the old forums wondering after 30 days after receiving their reward emails why they weren’t able to redeem. Niantic confirmed they were only good for 30 days from when they are sent out around February when this was being discussed.

I believe that because this was discussed in the old forums and was unclear to most reviewers, Niantic made sure to include the information for the last challange to make it clear.

So yes, if you still have your codes from the December 2203 challenge, you will most likely get an error when trying to redeem them as they are expired.

/Installs Peridot✔️

/Redeems code :heavy_check_mark:

/Uninstalls Peridot✔️

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Peridot reward code: NFZH9P35842YH
Expire in May 30

You’re welcome.

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That really sucks, single use codes especially when earned for something like this should not expire. Particularly ingress codes which can have strategic value. Thanks niantic.

and fwiw, the rewards from at least one challenge prior to december did not expire so quickly/ at all


Everyone gets the Peridot code, regardless if you get the PoGo or Ingress codes. It’s nice of them to include them, as they most likely want more people to play the game, but some may not want to, or even have the time to.

TY for posting! I forgot I had never claimed the Ingress codes because I never have any space. I had actually already deleted the email, but it was still in my trash folder :woman_facepalming:

Just spent the last half hour going through and getting rid of things so I could claim them.


Thanks for the reminder about the Global Review Challenge, i nearly missed out on the rewards as is this was the first time doing it.

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So, anyone have claimed this?