Wayfarers at GO Fest - Survey

Hey all,

As you may know, the Wayfarer team + several of the Ambassadors have attended GO Fest this year.

Last year I did a survey and folks scanned the QR code, filled in details and then I was able to make a nice deck from it to present to the Wayfarer team.

This year is no different and I have the below survey to share to Wayfarers that are attending the Global event this weekend.

Please check this link to complete the survey - https://forms.gle/SUYPoE66kGAPQ76h8

Details do get shared with the Wayfarer team, but it’s not an official Wayfarer document so they’ll decide what to do with any feedback, it’s not up to me.

There is a small bit of this in for me, where I have used the previous deck for job interviews in the past, so all data is anonymised for anything like that.

Of course, if you attended the others in person and didn’t see the survey feel free to fill it out there. If you have any interest in the previous deck, you can see that here.

I did share this in the previous forums and always happen for any feedback on how to make it look a bit more visually appealing!


I filled it out again. Don’t put it in the back of the drawer :slight_smile:

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the drawer


Who should take this survey? Only wayfarers who have attended an in person event?

It’s been a really long day for my and my brain is a little addled, so please forgive me if this is a really obvious/dumb question, lol. :sweat_smile:

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Hi @nikjei17, the autobot system flagged your post (I don’t think it liked your second paragraph) but I removed the flag. I see you tried deleting it but the post was restored when I cleared the flag. Leave the post up or edit/delete it again if you want!


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Thank you! I was so confused and worried I had done something wrong. I was just trying to get clarification on the target audience for who should take the survey, but I wasn’t sure if I was just reading the original post wrong. I definitely could have phrased my post better I’m sure, lol.

You can take it even if you haven’t attended any! There’s an option at the start to say which one(s) you attended including saying None.

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