Wayspot filed a complaint but Niantic refused

  • Wayspot Title: Monk’s Tombs
    *Location: 20.980158,105.916348
    *City: Hanoi
    *Country: Vietnam
    *Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

  • Additional Information: Let’s move this Wayspot location to the correct location:20.979877,105.916800 and changed the title from “Monk’s Tombs” to “Bảo Tháp Chùa Tiêu Dao” because this name is not accurate to the object
    ***Filed a complaint but Niantic refused

It will be helpful to share photos of the Wayspot (both the current in-game location and the actual location). You can use the free app GPS Map Camera to take photos that include the coordinates right on the photos. That way, it’s much more likely that your appeal will be successful.

Have you put a location edit request in? If it is more than 10metres away you can use the help chat in wayfarer to do the location edit.

For title appeals, we are supposed to be using the contribution management page and appealing that way. You can provide supporting links to help them make an informative decision.

Please keep in mind that Wayspot titles are not required to be submitted in the language most used in the area.

Being that this is a stupa (bảo tháp in Vietnamese), it’s possible that when it was submitted, the closest word that the submitter knew to this in English was tomb. It’s possible that Niantic doesn’t understand the differences, even though a simple web search of stupa explains what it is.

By the way, when this was first rejected, did the email say “our team” or “our community” made the decision? I’m getting it may have been a rejection from ML, which would be an “our team” decision email.

Also, the location edit is over 10 meters away, about 60 meters, so you’ll want to use help chat to get it moved to the correct location.

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Thanks for the appeal, @AccSub3Mien Based on our research, we’ve decided to retire the Wayspot in question as it doesn’t meet our criteria.