Incorrect Wayspot Appeal Decision - part 3

  • Wayspot Title: Tảng đá giới thiệu Khách sạn Điện Biện
  • Location (lat/lon): 12.686923, 108.050601
  • City: Đắk Lắk
  • Country: Viet Nam
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email : None
  • Additional Information: Reason for Rejection: Nothing special, just a normal stone engraved with the hotel name. It does not have any humane or historical meaning for players to explore or find

The community and I once rejected this nomination and somehow it passed the absurd appeal. This is just a normal nomination with no meaning, just a stone nameplate of the hotel.

    • Accessible (you can reach anywhere, it’s obvious)
  • Not a place for sports
  • Not a place to explore (because this nomination is nothing special and not valid)
    Please consider and review because this is a false appeal.
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I see nothing special about this nomination, the fact that it passed the appeal is absurd
@NianticAaron , let’s review this problematic appeal decision

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I am curious as to how you know these were appeal decisions and the entire community voted to reject?

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@RealityArea It looks like we haven’t gotten to this request yet or it hasn’t been submitted through in-game. At this time, we only take appeals to overturn decisions we’ve already made.

These are nominations that were rejected during Review in Vietnam. And these are false and invalid nominations. Their creators appealed and Niantic Staff accepted the false appeal. Obviously, this is a false appeal, not something I have to report in the game. There are no categories to choose from in the Report sections in the game, so I just posted it here to review these nominations like the Bank in the previous article because that was the wrong decision from Niantic staff. Please consider!


I read this article as talking about the problem in Buon Me Thuot City, Vietnam, which is being rejected quite a lot of nominations. And the creator took the rejected nominations to appeal and get them approved. In fact and in theory, these nominations deserve to be rejected because they are inappropriate.
The appeal censorship department seems to not know the law, what is right and what is wrong, but just unconditionally accepts the appeal of such unreasonable, privately owned nominations.
Now ask the author to report in the game first??? There is no category to choose to report when this is the appeal’s error. If it is correct, you must delete nominations like Bank in the old article because these are unreasonable nominations
Please reconsider this article @NianticAtlas @NianticAaron


I also refused this nomination, the players in my area also refused because it was just a rock with the hotel’s own name.
What makes it special???

  • Anywhere where pedestrians cannot be reached
  • This is not a place to exercise
  • What is so interesting about this rock that makes people want to explore it??? While the hotel is just a private business, it is not a historical place that deserves attention.
    The fact that it passed the appeal is so absurd.

I have a small group playing together and a large community group, most of the unreasonable nominations like this we consult with the community to see if it is reasonable and of course it is not. so it was rejected. We both create and review nominations so we are certain to get rejected


Again, meaningless nominations. I also rejected this nomination in Vietnam, why was it successfully appealed?
It doesn’t meet any of Wayfayer’s reasonable criteria. Does Niantic’s censorship department actually check the reason for rejection?
Let’s review the nominations @NianticAaron


Please review my topic again

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The Wayferer Team have given their answer. You can’t just keep asking for it to be reviewed because you are not satisfied with the outcome.

Time to let this one go.


I understand what the Wayfayer Team Letter said but it was unreasonable, this nomination was rejected and dfajau’s appeal was unreasonable. I know this article is to report on the issue of appeal errors and hope the team will fix it like the article about Banking, not an unreasonable answer like above. That’s not convincing

Perhaps it will help to remember that Niantic is a business, and as a business they get to make an interpret their own rules. We as customers can decide if we want to be a customer or not, but ultimately whether you agree or disagree they get to make their rules and decide if their rules are being followed… I agree it can be quite frustrating because there seems to be inconsistencies and ambiguities, but for your own emotional health, perhaps you should consider just letting this one go and enjoy the aspects of the game that you that you like. Probably not super helpful advice, but it really isn’t worth your emotional energy as this battle seems to be lost.

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Have you read the 2 latest articles in this area? With all the suggestions of logic, it can be considered that this article of mine has reached a dead end, but the latest article shows that the problem of appeal becomes serious when inaccessible places are accepted with some sub-standards. The tricky technique of writing appealing content and that has surpassed Niantic

You may want to try and use the “ Wayspot Removal” form for these tricky ones. There is a link to it on the top banner of the forum here.

Can you tag me in this post or link!

just fyi the links may be entirely invisible depending on browser and its settings

In case this was the issue @RealityArea here is the link: Reporting a Wayspot — Wayfarer Help Center

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Thanks I wasn’t thinking this morning and should have shared the actual link!