What is your rarest nomination?

What i mean by this is something that’s really old or something that there used to be thousands off like 50 years ago but now there isn’t a lot anymore. Mine is a old AA Village sign, these are mileage signs from 1906 to approximately 1932, The Automobile Association (AA) erected nearly 30,000 signs in villages and towns across Great Britain. Most were removed during the war when a german invasion seemed highly likely. At the end of World War II, only 600 or so were left and today there are around 65 left in there original positions around the country.


The timing on this post! I just got this to review today …

50 years is not that long ago to some of us…


Most of the houses around here are about 130 years old :laughing:

Mine is “modern” having been built in the 60s, and some of my neighbours bought them when they were newly built.


Why do I get cities that I have never been to to review how will I know whether that’s there or no shouldn’t people get the city to review which they are technically from what kind of logic is applied in the reviews can someone please help me out cause this is bs

I am borrowing this answer from the Wayfarer Discussion Discord

All of my reviews are from far away, what’s up with that?
There are multiple factors that determine where you get reviews from.

  1. Your local reviewing range is roughly a 200km radius around your last played location. The area is specifically defined as the most recent level 6 S2 cell you played in and the 8 cells surrounding it (see “What is an S2 cell?”).
  2. You will also get nominations from the country you are located in. This is also determined by S2 cells, so sometimes you might get nominations from other countries that are close to the border.
  3. Your home and bonus locations work similarly to your local reviewing range. Each location you set will give you nominations from that location’s level 7 S2 cell and the surrounding cells.

Not sure about rare because there are blue plaques in many areas but I really liked this one and its rare for anything particularly cool to be commemorated in my village


I probably should’ve wrote it a bit better as every village/town/city has a church that is atleast a couple of hundred years old. Most are older than USA. Going back on this the main church in my village was built somewhere in 1100 but there might’ve been an earlier one built in wood before that, theres also another one built in 1779


To go with your sign

Something old

Common items that are dying out

Thousands of something that were common 50+ years ago, sitting on street corners…I wonder :thinking:


I was waiting for what you had :laughing:

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Most of the old POIs have been submitted where I live, especially the 100+ year old buildings and churches, most of which are downtown, and I don’t live near there. The oldest thing I’ve submitted is just over 40 years old.

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Same, most of the things I nominate are trail markers or information signs so its not as interesting as it can be.

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Fire cairn, they used to be all over in the middle ages to communicate/warn other villages (similar to Phryctorias). Normal cairns are everywhere now, but this is the only fire cairn i’ve seen with wood still on it.


Trip to Skara Brae to get something older than Stonehenge and the Giza Pyramid?

I see a free cell.



Oh my, I am now an antique :roll_eyes:


Absolutely not :yellow_heart:

Back in my home town of Warwick (UK), I nominated one of the locks on the Grand Union Canal which connects Warwick to Birmingham and to other wider regions, like London. I believe this was created sometime in the late-1700’s. Not too ‘rare’ I suppose, but it’s sorta’ old.


This is a neat post and an interesting thing to consider.

Nothing I’ve nominated immediately comes to mind, though i’ve added photos to wayspots that would definitely be considered rare or unique.

Lately it’s a bunch of murals (individually they’re all one of a kind i guess? but not what you meant) and trail markers with a healthy dash of sports fields thrown in.

I guess i’ll have to go with the Taco Bell Wedding Chapel as my rarest nomination:

Then there’s this mysterious sculpture that i could find no info about online. It’s behind a run down apartment complex under some powerlines at the very end of a long dead end road.

I wish i could find out who put it there and why


That would definitely be the oldest and rarest thing i would nominate

That’s intriguingly cool.

Just don’t go out at night on your own or a Sunday!

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I just found this

I thought I nominated everything here aswell