Where is my Support ticket


About a week ago I submitted a ticket via the Help/Chat option. I remember getting a ticket number but I did not get an email or anything and closed the chat without taking a screenshot. The ticket was about moving a wayspot that was incorrectly placed and not appearing in Pokemon Go because it is in a cell with another POI.

Is there any way to check the status of your support tickets?

Open up the help chat window again on the same device and web browser. The ticket should be there if it hasn’t been too long since it was resolved.

You dont get email notifications when using the help chat.

I did the same not long ago. I lost my connection though so the page reloaded and I couldn’t go back to the same chat and add photos and get the ticket number etc.

I didn’t receive an email when I made the request and I didn’t receive an email when it was resolved. But as far as I remember the waypoint was moved within a few days.

Maybe you can check if it’s changed in Ingress or another game? I couldn’t find the ticket or a status so I even thought about making a ticket to get my other ticket :smile:

Just checked, not there anymore :pensive:, but good to know for future tickets :relieved:

Just checked IITC mobile app, it has not moved sadly. Just wierd that they do not send an email with ticket and eventually resolution notes when they ask for email in the chat :person_shrugging:t3:.

If your waypoint edit took a few days my hope is diminishing for each day :pensive:. I spent alot of time on this nomination and used an upgrade, only to have the wayspot moved to the middle of the area instead of the edge/entrance which is more correct, annoying :weary:.

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Here is the area, the nomination is for the whole area, which is a picnic area. The arrow is pointing to the entrance.

There’s no reason to move it, as it already is located on the picnic area. Not being moved after such a long time via help chat request means that your move got rejected.

Help Chat sessions can get lost on the users end especially when you delete cookies or other browser data, some browsers do that automatically upon being closed. The requests are still available on Niantics end, you just don’t see them.anymore.

If you have the ticket number, you could theoretically ask about it, but as said, it’s most likely rejected


No reason to move it? Don’t take this the wrong way, but when you spend a lot of time on a nomination, reviewing to get an upgrade and it finally gets accepted only to find out the community moved the wayspot when voting and it does not show up in the game you play. Imagine the letdown for me and when living
in a rural area every wayspot is important, not only to me but our small Pokemon community.

So a little correction from Niantic part (that does not mean anything to them), would mean a lot to me/us.

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I know the letdown, but the rulebook of the Wayfarer guidelines doesn’t have it that you can go to help chat and to do this for a case like this. I wanted to give you the honest answer before setting false expectations.

All that is left for you is to ask an Ingress agent to request a move that eventually gets reviewed by the community voters but I doubt they will accept it either

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I appreciate your honesty, thank you :slight_smile:

I will look into the Ingress part, even if the odds are small it is worth it for me :wink:

I can see my tickets on Niantic Wayfarer - but only if the chat gave me a number.

This is an external plugin, Support Ticket Saver from wayfarer.tools, and not part of the default UI.

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@xFISTx I wouldn’t even request a move by an Ingress player, as both requesting the move via help chat or via an Ingress player could be seen as influencing gameplay to give an advantage to a player or players. This could lead to a warning, or even a ban from all Niantic services.

Keep in mind that you are submitting new Wayspots for the Lightship map, not new stops/gyms for PoGo, portals for Ingress, etc. Each Niantic game uses the Lightship map to choose game play locations from, and each game has their own density rules that determine if a new Wayspot will appear in their game.

There is never a guarantee that any Wayspot that is approved will appear in any Niantic game. I myself have had Wayspots approved that are not in PoGo, but I’m ok with that, as I like helping map out Lightship, and helping players in other games.


Ok, good advice. Thank you.