2 wayspot accepted not appear after 7 days

In the 1st day of jully the Wayfarer accept 2 of my wayspot but after 7 day not appear in the game, in the email said 48h to be done.

-Pokestop not appear after 7days was accepted

  • 2024/07/01
  • Android 14 Galaxy S24 Ultra
  • Latest version of Pokémon Go

Even though the prompt tells you that you are submitting a Pokestop, you are actually submitting a Wayspot. Whether an accepted Wayspot will be used in Pokemon Go depends on whether it is alone in an L17 S2 cell.

You can read this article to learn about S2 cells and Pokemon Go:

If you would like to share the nominations and their locations, someone here will be happy to check for you to confirm that is what happened.

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Im in the green area (Portugal :portugal:)

Do you have the gps coordinates from the email for the ones that have not appeared?

(41495950 , -6275281) That one of them

(41495722 , -6275123) the second one

Both of these are in the same L17 S2 cell with two other portals. This is why they do not show in Pokemon Go.

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So that local we cant put pokestops?

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There are currently no portals in this cell if there are any eligible Wayspots here

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I can move the waypoint?

No, the Wayspot is in an accurate location. But if there is something else to submit, then you can submit something else. Maybe that field has a sign? I can’t tell.

What advice do you give me?
Maybe i ask to remove?

The Wayspot has been accepted and is in an accurate position. It meets no removal criteria.


Can you teach me to learn the portal areas ant this stuf? Maybe next time i dont make mistake.

I am not good at teaching this stuff but you can google iitc map.

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Ok man ty so much for ur help

Tell me one more simply think

Basically, the available areas are where there are no active cells, right?

Right a nomination in any of the empty cells would go live in Pokemon Go if accepted (unless a property owner has had pokestops blocked.)

I want to be very clear. Don’t just put the pokestop there. The object associated with the Wayspot must exist where you submit it. You can get banned from all Niantic games, including Pokemon Go, for submitting to false locations.

Not saying that you would submit falsely, I just wanted to be sure I was clear that it must exist in the empty cell.


Never send a false indication, ty so much for your help i appreciate that


Maybe @Siinnie has some advice

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