A lot of pokestops rejected at the same time

A few PoGo players (7-8, including me) are trying really hard to promote PoGo and to expand our community by creating a lot of pokestops nearby. We don’t create them only in our city but when we travel around we try to nominate some stuff. Today 12 of my pokestops got rejected, and all the other players reported the same in our group chat. This has not happened like ever. Yeah we get some of our nominations rejected, but it has never happened like this - all the pokestops we’ve nominated and at the same time .

I have 141 pokestops accepted, and i play only for one year. So it’s not a small number and i’m not a bad nominator. As are not my friends.

Has anyone experience anything similar? We are really confused and we’ve been chatting about this whole evening. It’s not possible for every one of us to get around 10 pokestops rejected at the same time. Yeah i get it that one person can be a bad nominator (although i’ve got 141 stops accepted), but it’s not possible for all of us. And some of these stops were not even in the voting…

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Did the emails that you got say that they were rejected by the community, or “Our team”?

I am part of this small community, and can confirm the same thing happened to me as with the others. More then 20 rejections, all stating either Temporary or as Generic. Some were rejected with less then a day in voting as well. None of them were Ninatic rejections.

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They sound like Emily got them. Emily is the nickname for Machine Learning. Niantic has a Machine Learning system in place that has been trained to accept and reject nominations and edits. Typically, the signs of this happening are that your nomination will get a decision within 48 hours, and that the email will usually say “our team” in one of the sentences. You’ll also never notice them go into voting.

The nominations that were rejected by it were likely things that it has been taught are low quality, though sometimes it does make mistakes. You’re welcome to share screenshots of some of the rejected nominations here.

I have had only three rejected with the “our team” phrasing, the rest is “the community” .

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All of them were rejected by “the community”… if it’s the team i’d know it’s Emily and wouldn’t be surprised. Angry yes :joy: but surprised no…

While 141 is no small number, the submission as presented can add more context to the decisions. There might also be improvements in the submissions not covered by your personal experience which others here may pitch in. Also not discounting the possibility that it may be the reviewers who can improve.

As soon as i come home from work I’ll add photos and other info. Nominations include playground, health info board, basketball hoop, and university…

I just wanted to check has anyone else experienced the similar since it’s not just me but more people from my community and we find it a bit suspicious.

I am adding some of the submissions I made below:
Location is spot on,

A public reading library for students:

An iconic community waypoint, where the PoGo community in the town normal gathers:

The rest are mostly either interesting graffitis, or trail and Info Markers from a botanical garden.

A lot of other people have reported things just being marked as Temporary/Seasonal or Not Distinct, or Generic Businesses when they are not businesses at all.

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Interesting. I’ve just realised actually that the one thing I nominated at the weekend, that hadn’t been picked up by Emily or gone straight to Niantic voting got rejected this morning - I never saw it go into voting, and even if it did, that would have been a rejection in something like 12 hours?

I wonder if there was some sort of system issue in the last 24 hours?

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You’d have to also share supporting photo & text used. Maybe we can see something you’re missing.

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I’ve been back and double checked since this train made me think about it and it was just a late to the party Emily rejection. Unusual so long after, but sounds like not part of the same issue - sorry!

In einem Dorf , Pokestops zu errichten ist von der Community auch sehr gemein! Die werden ständig abgelehnt. :rage::rage::rage:

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Basketball hoop rejected because of mismatched location.

Location is marked with X (sorry for the bad Paint x)

The problem that I see is that there is no street view and the place you put the red X doesn’t match your photo. The house in the background is right up against the X but in the photo it seems back several meters.

So several meters is the problem? Literal several meters is enough for the wayspot to be rejected?
And i couldn’t be precise with drawing the X, wayspot is nominated somewhere around the X, not exactly on the X, my mouse pad skills are way too bad… I didn’t know several meters matter so much for the wayspot to be rejected…

No, what I was saying is that what you have in your picture is different from what one can see from the satellite view. So for example, you have it sitting it looks like meters in front of this house, but there is no spot where it could sit meters in front of the house. Does it make sense? In other words, your photo doesn’t look like it could exist where you put the X on the map.

The house sits right on the edge of the parking lot where you have the ex. But your photo shows a house way back to me. It means where the X is can’t possibly be where you took the photo.

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It’s not far away at all, but when i take a look at the second photo it looks like it is. I take a photo with 0.5 zoom so more surrounding things can be in the photo, could this be the reason?

Let me doodle a bit,
your supporting shows a house next to a grassy patch and some trees.

From your “x”, satellite doesn’t match up. Where is the row of houses (with overgrowth in the background) and the trees to the left of the hoop? Also possible that the satellite is outdated but then yo should utilize the photos with what can be compared with existing maps. How come the tall buildings aren’t seen from this perspective?

What would make sense to me is that it is at the other side of the parking aisle.

I can see how reviewers may see that your “x” doesn’t line up and voted for location mismatched or move it to the presumed accurate location.

I can be wrong as well, there are improvements with the use of supporting text and photo. Geotagged supporting photo might be useful here, you can also specify what objects present in the supporting can be compared to any available maps to show it exists as pinned.


Thank you! A picture is worth a thousand words!!

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