Niantic voting

Hi! Yesterday I made 7 nominations whilst out on a walk, as I found a great area with an orienteering trail, nature signs, etc that had nothing in it.

2 were auto approved by Emily in under 24 hours, 1 is in queue and 4 have all gone to Niantic for voting.

I have had an occasional one go to Niantic before, but never more than one at a time! These were all ones that Emily would have auto approved, based on one of the others that she approved yesterday.

Has anyone seen multiple go to Niantic before like this? Have I done something wrong?

I think they are fine tuning the ML model and it is nothing to worry about.

I am seeing a similar ratio of ML accepts to Niantic in voting, and then usually accepted. All around 20-24 hours after I make the nomination. I am not submitting that many in batches these days, but it does seem like about half are going to in house review. I try to make a daily nomination as long as I have something to submit.


I have. I’m pretty sure you haven’t done anything wrong :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I was feeling a bit paranoid when I saw so many had gone to Niantic lol!

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Stuff seems to change weekly, daily, monthly. I wouldn’t read too much into anything. We need to keep an eye on issues where the system doesn’t seem to be working correctly, like delays in certain processes that have never had delays before. But things like this just seem like part of the growing pains of raising up a sweet young Machine Learning model.

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