A month later (title needs more text)

I’m not expecting you to add any of mine.

My estimation of you will go down if you do :upside_down_face:

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Kid you not, took me quite awhile to figure out what POI means. A glossary of well-known terms is super helpful, especially for new users.


Traditional poi is produced by mashing cooked taro on a wooden pounding board (papa kuʻi ʻai), with a carved pestle (pōhaku kuʻi ʻai) made from basalt, calcite, coral, or wood.


Doesn’t this belong in the glossary?

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I learnt something new today. I’m more used to seeing the word poi in relation to those swinging weights and the dance associated with them. I’ve got a few friends who are quite proficient with them, it’s always fascinating to watch.


Erm actually :

Poi is a performing art and also the name of the equipment used for its performance.

As a skill toy, poi is an object or theatrical prop used for dexterity play or an object manipulation.

As a performance art, poi involves swinging tethered weights through a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns.

Poi artists may also sing or dance while swinging their poi.

Poi can be made from various materials with different handles, weights, and effects (such as fire).



I just realised, I got sidetracked by poi and didn’t actually comment my thoughts.

The forum feels a little less lively than the previous version when it comes to participation. I don’t know if that’s just because some people don’t have Niantic accounts/were unwilling to create them, or because some stuff has been moved to the support chat, or whether it’s because of some other reasons.

Aside from that dip in activity though, I’m liking the new forum. I also think the ambassadors have done a good job in allaying any of the apprehension about them being given moderator powers. I know some people voiced concerns about this on the thread on the old forum, but you all seem to be doing a good job at keeping things moderated, and I haven’t seen anything concerning in that department, so I think those who were worried about it owe you all an apology haha


The only thing I’m not keen on is when creating a new post, it says it’s a new topic. I hesitate that I’m doing the right thing - shouldn’t it say “new post”
So that you know you aren’t starting a whole new topic and are posting it under the topic you actually wanted?

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Yeah this forum calls posts topics and comments are called posts. It’s weird and it takes getting used to.

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Maybe we don’t need a dislike react, but some sort of negative react would be useful for example to sympathise with a poor decision on a rejection etc. Maybe negative is the wrong word but I dont want to react thumbs up, clap or smile to some things but that doesn’t mean I’m trying to down vote the person.

This place also makes me realise how awful my typing is since it doesn’t correct anything for me


You can always just add an emoji from your keyboard (on mobile). By typing a comment.
:sleepy: :worried: :disappointed_relieved: :triumph: these all seem to express sympathy for a bad rejection.

Yes I end up typing comments instead but sometimes you just want to react instead of a whole comment. Just a sad face option would help I think

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It’s a good point about wanting to express empathy with a poster which is a positive reaction even though it looks sad.

Do you- as in anyone- think that overall the emoticons have helped with discussions, no different or it’s not helpful?

I like the emojis in comments a lot. Its helpful to show when joking etc. But I dont think the react list is quite right/enough.

For me, heart, thumbs up, clap, shock, laugh, sad face would be fine?

I think they’re helpful to understand tone and reactions to tone. I joke back and forth with a certain Scotsman and as long as there are heart reactions, we know we are playing around.

I’d be surprised if we can change these. They feel like part of the discourse experience.