A month later (title needs more text)

Thanks for all the threads in this area so far.
A month in seems a good point to take stock and reflect as many of you have had time to get used to the difference.

I was wondering how people are feeling about the new forum and any further thoughts/feedback/suggestions


Most of the annoying stuff is related to the forum and beyond Wayfarer capability like 15 letters in a title, confusing reply without quotes and not showing who is replying.

Also put someone else in charge of the glossary, please.


I would like to second the notion that a bit of levity is not only appropriate but necessary to preserve the glossary’s readability and usefulness.

All that is required is a little thought into how to prevent confusion among new Wayfarers, such as including a laughing emoji and an LOL.

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I like the possibility to react more than agree/disagree (sometimes I wish it could be anonymous like in the old forum).
I see more structure in working on tasks, I like that!
And, if the language is not mixed, I’m in love with the translation button :heart_eyes:

I don’t like, that my edit field is so tiny (waste of much space):

I also don’t like the saving structure(?) for essential informations like Aaron says…, Oleg stated … or all the easy to get informations for new wayfarer.
And I still miss my “edit support” category :grin:


I kind of wish there was a way to alert the ambos to a thread, not just one, but any, like a hashtag. There are some threads that I have helped others with their issues, but I feel that an ambo could help further, but I don’t know who is available at that time, so I don’t know who to tag.

It’d also be nice if tags were available for replies, as that may also help with getting ambos or admin attention. People come into threads with questions not related to said thread, and they may need ambo/admin help, so it’d be helpful to help flag them as such when replying so they get the help needed.

Last, the one thing that bugs me when I’m using the forums on my phone or tablet is that the forums don’t follow your keyboard’s auto-punctuation at times. Normally, if I type “i” it will auto-correct it to “I.” I’m not too surprised by this, since when submitting a nomination or title/description edit, you have to manually capitalize, but it is something that nags at me.


Try this @Ambassadors

Or @admins

But never try @discobot


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

When I see discobot mentioned, this is what I think of:

Good to know there are tags for ambos and admin! Thanks!


I think you can anonymously ‘like’ a post by clicking directly on the heart if you don’t select any particular emoji.

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Nope, likes are public, even heart likes.

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It’s odd that I can see 1 heart filled in on my response, for instance, but cannot see who placed it there.

I am on the forum via PC and Firefox browser, and have observed that whenever I fail to select a specific emoji, my ‘vote’ appears anonymous to me. I see the same with multiple hearts as well. The tool-tip shows a red-circle-slash, rather than identifying the usernames.

Perhaps that is only a temporary condition, indicating that one could still edit or withdraw the emoji?

I’m actually glad that disagree is no longer here, as I felt in the old forums there were some users that would disagree with everything I ever said. Also, seeing those disagrees would bring me down some, so I’m glad they’re gone.

So, you can’t hover your mouse over a reaction to see who gave it, like this:

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Click the number.



:joy: :

Ahh, the old forum…

On the Vanilla forum, once I noticed that somebody would disagree with simple declarations like ‘I like ice-cream’ I stopped caring about it, and simply developed a thicker skin.

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There’s nothing from keeping any of you jokesters from creating an unofficial glossary. But the primary glossary needs to be a place for people to find 1) terms they will actually see on the forum or in other Wayfarer spaces and 2) get a definition with as little bias as possible.

Some of the recommended terms are unique to one wayfinder’s brain. And no matter how much we value that brain, those terms don’t belong in the official glossary.


The officialdom and the humour in that go hand in hand though :slight_smile:

People see the humor where the comment is.