A nice (but overdue) outcome from Appealing an Edit

Just wanted to share this now that it is all resolved, as it took being able to Appeal edits to do so.

Last year, was on a short break, and saw this potential Wayspot, and submitted it. It came back as a duplicate before my break was over.

That’s weird. I checked there was nothing at that location, so maybe it was marked incorrectly.

I then realised it was out in the middle of the lake (which just so happened to place it in a position where it would appear in Pokémon GO as a gym.

Accidentally misplaced by the submitter or someone moving it? Who knows) so put in an edit request to move it. Four times it got rejected by the community, and stayed in the middle of the lake. I wasn’t able to get back within range to edit it via Ingress until nearly a year after my initial try.

31st May 2023 location edit - rejected
19th February 2024 location edit - rejected
22nd February 2024 location edit - rejected
29th March 2024 location edit - rejected

Then I thought that I didn’t have any Wayspots to Appeal with my two Appeals so I should try and fix this so it’s in the right place.

17th June 2024 - Appeal to location edit submitted
26th June 2024 - Appeal accepted and Wayspot in the right place

I am a little frustrated that it took so long, and that reviewers didn’t select to move it out of the inaccessible location on four separate times. Maybe the local players didn’t want to lose a gym, or people thought my edit was moving it in to the water so chose to skip/say that an appropriate location could not be found.

Would like to know if others have had similar experiences in Appealing edits, especially Location ones, or if your experience has been the opposite.


There are several possibilities.
Were the 2 that were close together community decisions? because that is quick.
The geographic range means that it is unlikely to be someone familiar with the place, and it would be rare for someone to know it was a gym. I could have reviewed this and would be clueless.
There is the possibility especially as it i so badly placed that there were others submitting edits too so the choice of which was correct might not have been clear especially as the you are here part on one of the photos seems to be in a different place.
If any of these were true then the obvious choice for a reviewer might have been to say they couldnt determine which was the correct point especially if there was more than one on the path.
Pity there isn’t an option to say it could be either of these 2 but the one in the water is wrong.

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The latter option would be great for many edits to say “I don’t know, but 100% not this one”.

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