Our team thinks in the street is a better location than on the object on the building

If any investigation of the edit had been done, the cornerstone clearly shows on the building as suggested on street view from both streets:

But great. Let’s leave the portal in the road instead of putting it where it exists. It’s almost in the crosswalk, so I guess that is safe enough. Not my normal play area anyway.

Oh, left out the rejection email:

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Hmm. Now my denied edit contribution looks like this:

So goal achieved however it happened.


Did someone else maybe request the same edit, but 25cm in a different location, and that got accepted where yours didnt?

Otherwise, super odd.

at the exact same coordinates i submitted? i don’t think so but i guess it could happen :woman_shrugging:

I could see that if hers was rejected on a normal review, but it seems odd that somebody else would appeal their rejection at about the same time as Cyndiepooh’s… Then again, if another person had an edit at the same time as Cyndie they may have appealed and Cyndie’s was “rejected” by Niantic the same time as the other appeal was approved.

Does your head hurt any, too, thinking about the possibilities?


Do we know it would be the exact same? I just assumed it was a case of overlapping circles at review time where they are piled up on top and you can’t see the difference as a reviewer.

Wierd though. I still have no idea how edits work for this type of example