A shame shown in the Featured Waystpots

And that’s the reason I quit reviewing. I got my rank lowered many times by reporting these kind of nominations.

I don’t understand what is wrong with this?

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Yeah, looks like a restaurant, which can be great places to socialise and explore great food too. I have nominated restaurants before. I think they can be good nominations

Igreja means church, so they are submitting a church but I’m not really sure it is a real church.

The submitter used a photo printed from Google Street View.


Ty - i couldn’t see that!


Oooh I can just about see the watermark if I zoom in a lot, yikes!


Any chance this Wayspot can be removed as it was created abusively (Google maps screenshot) and an educational email sent to the submitter and reviewers, @NianticAaron?


Have to say, there are some out there that take screenshots from Street View or other maps, since they don’t come up as third party if doing an image search, and so it can be harder to determine.

When I do come across a nomination with a screenshot like this, and I am able to find a match on Street View, I make sure to thumbs down Accuracy, choose both third party and low quality image, and then check the other box and explain that photo is screenshot from Street View. I may also choose the other reason under abuse, if I notice a pattern emerging, or report it as abuse and explain why.

@lannart Keep in mind that you can also report abuse anonymously using the Reporting Abuse link at the top of the forums. Your screenshot includes the username of the submitter, so I hope they don’t come after you. Here’s the direct link for future reference.

Eu continuo vendo muitas marcas d’água, queria que a Emily negasse direto. Eu posso dar uma olhada ali.

Aparentemente já foi removida.

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Not that hard. There is a watermark in it.

Abused POI like these got approved by laziness and cheaters.


Some are really good at hiding the watermark, and I don’t see it at first view most of the time. I usually only notice it when looking at Street View. So I would’nt fully say this is due to laziness on reviewers part, more deception on the submitter’s part.

@DTrain2002 is saying “it can be hard” as a generalization, not specifically the case you shared. This example would be obvious to most informed reviewers.

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And the example given is a hard one for me. I actually don’t see the watermark, but I would be able to match it up in Street View and know it’s third party, hence why these submissions can be deceptive for reviewers and why they get approved by reviewers that are unable to notice the subtle similarities.

Not nearly as bad as a watermarked google maps image, but my showcase has an individual disc golf hole :man_facepalming:

I had three spots in a row removed after seeing them in my showcase.

I tend to view them as “challenge accepted” these days.

I had the location moved for a few that were over 10m away, and I had moved the marker when reviewing them.