A Unique Bike Rack consider as Generic Bike Rack?

I am confused how this is consider a normal bike rack? Could someone explain to me how to get this revaluated. I used an appeal and lost, just seems kind of disappointed because the normal bike racks are very generic compared to this.

Wayspot Submission for Riverfront Bike Rack
Everett WA

Niantic Note
Thanks for the appeal, Explorer! The object in question does not meet the Wayfarer criteria as it is a normal bike rack which has no significance. We recommend you review the Wayspot Criteria before submitting your next Wayspot contribution: Wayfarer — Niantic Technical Support and Help Center


Unfortunately, I don’t see anything unique about these bike racks. You didn’t share the description, but from the photos and supporting info, they don’t seem to be anything special, like an artist created them.

Firstly, its not artistic or even visually interesting. I’m afraid I wouldnt have voted for this either.

Secondly, its a pretty bad picture. Cars in the background and the lighting means you cant really see what is being submitted

Thirdly, with my lock, I couldnt use this, as there’s nothing to loop through, so its a pretty rubbish design :sweat_smile:

It looks like there’s seating behind it in the supporting picture - what’s that for? You can often submit cafes, picnic areas and restaurants so I would look at that as an option.

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I agree with the appeal decision. I don’t think a place where you can lock your bike to take a walk meets any of the criteria of a great place for exploration, exercise, or being social.

However, if you can provide some evidence of the uniqueness of this bike rack, you might have something. Is there something special (only with evidence) about the design, or the wood they are made from, or the artist who created them, or the group who commissioned them?


agree it looks like a chain could easily be slipped off the edge of this - not secure at all. not even sure these are bike racks, but maybe more like bollards for people to keep them from stepping off the edge.


Yes! It looks more like a fence with gaps. I’ve had a bike stolen before, due to my lock being cut off, but this would worry me more than most.

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Actually, in the first photo, if you zoom in, there are holes where the 2 beams meet, which would allow some bike locks to be slipped through, like chain or wire locks, but not bar locks. They are upside down L shaped, and there is a hole for possible lockup.

Still, not that unique to me. Not the best bike rack design, that’s for sure.

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Ah! I see now. So my comment about the image not being easy to see was accurate :laughing:

I’m not convinved the head of my lock would go through it easily, but yeah okay bike wouldn’t get stolen


Are these even bike racks? the shape makes them almost completely ineffective.

Yeah, some locks wouldn’t go through very well.

I’ve also had a bike, albeit an old ten-speed with only 1 working hand brake, get stolen after being locked up at a regular bike rack outside a college building. There were nicer, newer bikes on the same rack, but no, none of them were taken. Go figure…

I think often they take whats easiest rather than what’s most valuable!

My current bike was worth around £2300 new, although I got it third hand from our next door neighbour, who got it from the original owner who had bought it for a charity bike ride and then realised he hated cycling :laughing: Just donate the money to the charity then :laughing::laughing::laughing: so anyway Im always a bit worried itll be stolen although I only paid normal 2nd hand bike price for it, I do like it and want to keep it. So I have a super good lock for it, and i think that deters anyone from trying

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That’s a silly thing to request isn’t it? Do I go ask the property manager who was the firm that designed these bike racks and how would I even add that to the nomination? I was hoping for better feedback then what I’m getting, but it seems everyone thinks its not a bike rack, soooo do I focus a image only on one of the pieces and make up some farce statement about the wood?

Can i change the focus on the benches and location to gather based on the second images or is it just generic?

Unfortunately, google street view is still in 2021 for this area (47.966966, -122.192313 )

Picnic benches (if that’s what it is nearby) are a much better nomination than the bike racks, yes

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I don’t think it is a silly suggestion to look for a way to prove these are unique. I very clearly said to proceed with evidence, which is the opposite of “make up some farce.” fwiw, I almost never talk to anyone irl if I can help it, but I have Google skills to do searches when something is important to me.

I will try to remember to add you to my do not respond to list. Apologies if I slip up and answer a question.


Agree also that the picnic tables are much better for a Wayspot than the bike racks. Picnic areas are great places to be social; I’ve submitted a few myself and have gotten them approved.


Interesting what does the focus of the table need to be to get it approve? These seem generic and plain?

Welcome @Irotokim to this forum.
It can be confusing when you get rejections for a nomination and appeal and the responses are not clear as to why your submission hasn’t been successful.
I think the comments so far have covered the most likely reasons.
So shifting to consider other options is a good idea.
Can you post a picture of the potential picnic area? Picnic areas are good places to socialise. There are also benches.
What are the adjacent buildings?
Or can you say where this is.
We will be happy to help with suggestions of what to include. @cyndiepooh advice about some background research, is something that is often needed if a submission is not that strong.

This contains lots of useful advice about creating a good submission.


Do not submit generic and plain tables. Submit picnic areas, IF these are picnic areas.

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looks like the very high quality appeal reviewers accepted the boring & generic apartment building near here so maybe they’ll approve this on your next try too :roll_eyes:

When you posted about unique bike racks, I was not expecting something that looks very basic and generic. To give you an idea of what I was expecting, here’s a unique bike rack from my town:

This was installed when the 2014 Tour De France came to our town. The top edge of it represents the elevation changes that took place during our Stage of it, whilst the names of the various locations that it passed through on its way to us are engraved on the vertical bits of metal. On the reverse side where the bench is, there’s more info about the Tour De France.

In contrast, yours is not very artistic and doesn’t really stand out in any way. I agree with the other commenters that if that is a picnic area we can see, that’s what should be submitted here.