Abusive wayfarer

Following on from a couple of threads recently do you see this as abusive? @NianticAaron or any non staff member who has an opinion.

This is a regular occurrence in the UK. Most pubs are owned by large breweries when they either take over or change management they often change the name and spruce it up a wee bit with a coat of paint. Often the exact same staff will still work there and definitely the same regulars are there. They might change the menu and have different beers.

Most UK people would be bemused if it was seen as entirely different.


This could be seen as a greyer area. In retrospect I can see that but I was changing a should be ineligible Wayspot to seem better.

Along the Thames there are lots of DFB’s. I was interested to see why Emily would accept one picture, description and not another. I probably done about 20 of these making only the picture better/different.

Some Emily would accept instantly. Some I had to take a picture of the bench from the front, Emily accepts and then the landscape to get Emily to accept.

For this one I was interested to see what Emily would and wouldn’t accept. The picture was accepted but technically I’m changing the whole Wayspot.

Lock this Wayfarer? :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Time for a ban I think :wink:

Honestly I think the benches are more eligible for their locations than the plaques so I think those are nice edits

The pub appears to be contrary to recent Niantic statements but not contrary to common sense or common practice. Your picture also is car free



The picture benches are fine as that’s all I changed, it’s only the the one with picture, title and description that I could be seen as abusive.

The pubs according to posts on here leaves two options for me as changing the picture, title and description is possibly a violation?

  1. Remove the current Wayspot and go through that often convoluted process then submit the new one.

  2. Leave it as is.

I’ll go for the second option if that’s the case.


Yeah think I’ll go for the 2nd too


This came up last night. A nomination was in review for an ice cream that was in the same building as an existing Wayspot for an ice cream shop. A Google search found this story about it

The logical thing to do in my opinion would be to update the name to the renovated shop, since they are the same thing under a new name - a local ice cream shop. But someone else mentioned this remove and replace policy. So the nomination was skipped.

It is all well and good for the people who only see the data to say “remove and replace” but for the people who play the games, this can be very impactful in a negative way. “Routes” become unusable if a game location is removed. “Showcase Pokestops” don’t get replaced if removed. If an ice cream shop has become a church, I think “remove and replace” makes sense. But when a local ice cream shop is renovated and reopened as a local ice cream shop, it makes more sense to edit.


It’s all about the scans. Niantic makes money selling their AR database AND they get money from investors to develop it.

For the benches, if anybody scanned the plaques, they probably scanned the whole bench - so that’s fine.

For the renovations, would scans from the old ownership parse nicely with scans after the new ownership?

The end goal is: database with lots of Wayspots WITH 3D imaging for AR immersion.

I wasn’t concerned about the benches. All I did apart from with one was add a picture if that’s abusive we are all fecked.

I would like to know if changing the picture, title and description of a pub is a violation though.

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They seem to be quite unclear about what they want, how they want it and why they want it that way.

If they eased up a bit on, say, British Pubs, they’d keep getting updated information, as submitting a new title and photo is fairly straightforward.

Under their ‘correction equals abuse’ policy, we will be damned if we are going to file all those procedures and appeal their inevitable rejection just to break everybody’s stuff before attempting a new nomination. Who’s idea of fun is that?

The result: scans will seldom correlate with photos, titles, or descriptions.


I think, that many problems with changes could be avoid, if they would add the ability to give supporting infos, such as for nominations.
The friendly british user could easily describe that the “new” pub isn’t adult only or what ever the concerns would be.


Scans really just collect a 3D outline to overlay on your phone image. I think the odds are, that the old business has the same scan footprint as the new ownership. Unless they knock the building down and build another. Even if they add awnings - I’d think new scans would mesh with old ones. You’re not reading the name of the place on the scan. And if bits of it are blurry - it could pick up details from the user’s phone. Or, I think so.

Oh that’s interesting. I’d never thought about the scans too much since when I’m done the preview is a standard video. It’s only during the scan that I see the wireframes. I kind of thought that was just for in game flavor.

Are they only keeping Ingress alive for the scans?

I get a lot more to explore playing Ingress than any of the other Niantic games. I also find it very detailed and engaging since there is a lot of strategic things that can be done.

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They are the only ones who do scans really but is the player base not decreasing rapidly?

Not around where I play luckily. It’s fun since I’m on the smaller faction locally. So I have fun with hitting a different area daily and taking out a big node or two. Honestly I think they like me since it gives them a chance to clear out my new portals regularly. And they leave my home portal alone even though they know where it is. Plus I get to dirty hack lots of high level gear.

So we all have fun.

Can you point me to where they have been clear about this. I work at a university and they just unveiled a new name for a building, so I edited the pokestop to reflect the new name of the building. The name rejected and then I appealed and explained that it is the new building name. Got a notice that my appeal was “abusive.” I am new to this, but there really doesn’t seem to be a comprehensive guide or one place to go to learn all the nuances and how they want this done. Seems like a waste of my time to keep reviewing and making edits to reflect reality, I.e., giving free labor, with no rule book. I’m gathering from this thread that I should’ve asked for the pokestop to be deleted and then resubmit a new one. Would’ve appreciated that information at the get go. So if there is a place with comprehensive guidelines, I’d love to know so I can follow their rules.


I’m afraid we crossed wires, somehow. I cannot help you to find Niantic’s clarity.

That is why I said they seemed ‘quite unclear…’

Wish as we might to the contrary, we can only conclude that the individual staffers are loose cannons careering through the forum almost at random. They seem to have personal axes to grind but they don’t seem able to build them into a comprehensive and clearly articulated whole.


Please remember to be respectful to everyone on the forum and that includes individual members of the Wayfarer Team. They have policies they follow.


Welcome @Summportkey
There are many things in Wayfarer that are judgement calls so somethings are not simple or straightforward.

Could you provide more details of your case please?
I am well aware that University buildings can often be renamed for various sound reasons.
Is there a link to a webpage about that change?
Was the change of name because the function of the building changed?
If the function of the building changed markedly then that would affect its eligibility.
I do think that this whole issue needs a rethink as currently it is too convoluted and works against accuracy in many instances.

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