Allaqi Village Small Mosque

When submitting a Wayspot Appeal, make sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Wayspot Title: Allaqi Village Small Mosque

  • Location (lat/lon): 22.905940, 33.272128

  • City: Aswan

  • Country: Egypt

  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email (do not include your personal information):

  • Additional Information (if any): The portal is Not Accessible for anyone except the workers there as this location is an active mineral and gold mining spot, isn’t that against the basic rules of submitting a portal in the first place to be public and accessible… Your assistance is highly appreciated on the removal of this portal

It appears Niantic already responded to this.

Yes, and I’m responding to them as their response doesn’t make sense in my humble opinion, a Portal that is not accessible by any means, only if you work in that miniral mining facility, not even in rage of the scanner to be left like that

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Not everyone has to have access to the Wayspot. As long as some people can access it that is fine.
An answer has been provided to this appeal

And as you have not added anything new other than appealing through a different account I think this has been resolved.


The main reason it’s a fake portal as per google satellite view in the screenshot looks like that all buildings are the same structure so it’s not a mosque.
It looks like that it is an accommodation for the employees.

It’s not only about that the place is accessible only for the employees and they need a permit to access there it is also dangerous and critical place because it is a mining place.

That some people with work permits Only

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With all due respect, those some people who can access, only can because they have Work permit, like an access card to that secured facility… How this is can be generalized as some people?!

That is how the games work. Not everyone needs to be able to access every waypoint.

Safe pedestrian access doesn’t mean everyone needs to have access. It means that people who are able to enter the area can access the waypoint safely on foot.

A mosque or any worship space tends to make a good waypoint, and those at workplaces are no less eligible due to access restrictions. They would, by their nature, have safe pedestrian access.


These type of issues don’t affect people playing Pokemon and is a big reason why people get frustrated with Ingress. But the portal is there, albeit appears to be slightly off the location via satellite. It has outbound links, which means someone can access it.
We have individuals who work in areas that give them access to wayspots regular people cannot go to and/or the use of satellite phones for wayspots that require sat phones. It is frustrating, but it is just the way that game was built and is more an “ingress issue” than a wayfarer issue.
In my area having a boat is needed to access certain portals, but its just the way it is.
Atleast you can field under fields now. It was a big reason why I quit because the opposing team had their BAF and would just redploy it instantly or charge consistently that having 5+ people taking out a portal was needed. Making the game pointless.


I’m not sure why I’m responding due to the fact that niantic has already made their mind up on the topic,

firstly; the use of reporting poi’s just because you don’t like how they’ve strategically been used within niantic applications is not on and is frankly abuse of the system.

secondly; albeit the pin is clearly misplaced by a few metres (under 20 so still within wayfarer acceptable distance for a pin to be misplaced). 85-95% of Egypt are muslim and therefore would need a prayer space within any place of occupation. So explaining what the rest of the site is for is irrelevant.

thirdly, who can access the site is not at all significant attribute towards the legitimacy of a POI. As long as the Wayspot is on property that is either occupied by multiple people or is a property accessible to someone via pedestrian access (this is irrelevant how they access it as long as it is legally).

Overall, this post was created with little review of wayfarers eligibility towards what makes an acceptable Point of Interest and the report is obviously extremely bias due to the usage of this waypoint being used strategically by the Enlightened.
Due to the POI report already being rejected by niantic previously, I suggest you do not try a third time as you will have the same results (this being a perfectly valid waypoint)

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I am closing this topic as this dicussion is not being productive and a previous appeal on this wayspot has been resolved.