Invalid Wayspot Appeal

*As attached link
This area belongs to Shalateen Mineral Resources Company which is a company for mining gold and it’s not allowed to anyone to access this area except employees.
This area is very dangerous and critical because of the difficulty and ruggedness of the place, and it needs special cars to go there.

*Due to it’s a critical area so no one can access there except the employees, and they access with a permit as attached link

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Thanks for the appeal, @princessnoony We took another look at the Wayspot in question and decided that it does not meet our criteria for removal at this time.

The main reason it’s a fake portal as per google satellite view in the screenshot looks like that all buildings are the same structure so it’s not a mosque.
It looks like that it is an accommodation for the employees.

It’s not only about that the place is accessible only for the employees and they need a permit to access there it is also dangerous and critical place because it is a mining place.

Why would the buildings having the same structure make it impossible for one of them to be a small mosque?

And they’re not mining at the exact spot of the mosque, so I don’t see what’s dangerous about it. What’s next, remove every wayspot that’s within 50 meters of a river or canal because it’s potentially dangerous?

First of all mosques have distinct features on shapes , size , appearance., that they look very different from any building in the area to distinguish them from near by buildings ,so 3 buildings with the same shape near each other are not mosques.
Secondly: the area is a gold mining facility that is closed to the public and therefore is not accessible to everyone in the public,like a military facility or a private owned residence. Therefore breaking the first rule of ingress that all poi’s are accessible to the public.

No, there is no rule that a portal must be accessible to the public. The review flow even states this:

Also see Niantic Wayfarer

  • Keep in mind, the location needs to be safe and accessible, even if the access is restricted to employees or people with special access rights


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Whilst yes, mosques typically have certain architectural features, I have seen plenty of mosques which look like regular buildings from the outside. You can’t simply claim that it’s not a mosque because you can’t see a dome or a minaret from satellite view. You’d need actual concrete evidence to prove that it’s not one.

The rule is clear in wayfarer when you accept or decline a POI , ( SAFE ) Is the location safe and publicly accessible by pedestrians?
( These locations are not safe:
Dangerous locations include, but are not limited to, a highway/freeway, bridge with car traffic, crossing a waterway (pond, lake, river etc.), airport runways, railway tracks, industrial sites, power plants, or air traffic control towers.)
These are the rules . clearly stated .
The location is not publicly accessible
The location is a government mining facility not accessible to the public
The location is dangerous
These are all grounds for removing this Poi

And I’m sure that this portal being an anchor for a green field that covers most of Egypt has NOTHING to do with why you want this portal gone so badly, right?

And I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that you’re a blue player living under that field?

Nothing to see here, folks. Just another case of Ingress players following the creed of “if you can’t beat them, remove them”.


I get it now. You are not confused, you just don’t like the answer.


no, you’re the one who is incorrect here. why don’t you go have another read of the rules?


the thing is, none of that even matters. wayspots are allowed in such places as long as it’s physically safe for those authorized to access to do so.

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And which part of that do you think is the problem?

the only thing in that screenshot that might possibly apply in this situation is “industrial sites” but as this appears to be a “residential” area within such a site i think even that doesn’t apply here. this isn’t where the dangerous work happens so it’s not eligible for removal.

again, there is absolutely no requirement that any wayspot be open to the entire public and niantic has been quite firm about that for longer than Wayfarer & OPR have existed. if you think otherwise, it’s because you are misinterpreting what they have written. Safe pedestrian access is the key, restricted areas of all kinds are acceptable.


Don’t worry guys…

the same agent always report portals with BAF instead of destroying the anchors…

sorry for the inconvenience.

Im not sure wich if the following this poi would fall under?
highway/freeway, bridge with car traffic, crossing a waterway (pond, lake, river etc.), airport runways, railway tracks, industrial sites, power plants, or air traffic control towers.

Or if it will pass under this:

These locations are appropriate:

Any location that is accessible publicly to pedestrians, both indoors and outdoors, is appropriate, including the following locations:

  1. Restricted - locations that restrict access to a subset of people (Gated community or members-only locations, military bases)
  2. Ticketed - locations that require a ticket to access like theme parks, museums that require a ticket to enter
  3. Businesses - indoor locations and businesses with items for purchase

These are two different cathegories, so its important not to mix these things up.

And for that the 3 old fake portals Niantic remove them right?

General comment to all parties
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I don’t think there is any need for any further comments.
So will close this topic.
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