Appeal for Wayspot accepted but has not shown up

Good afternoon, I made a Wayspot submission to add a spinner at a local yard art display. Initially it was rejected but then approved upon appeal. The notification said it should appear within 48 hours but it has been 8 days and and spinner has not shown up on Pokemon Go.

Just seeking to understand why it has not shown up. :blush:

Thanks and I’m sorry if this is in the wrong location on the forum.

It’s probably in the same level 17 s2 cell as an existing pokething.

Welcome @acrcpe45
Your approved wayspots first get added to the Lightship database.

Each individual game decides on specific rules as to how it will select wayspots to use from that database.

As enough time has passed it is probable that your wayspot has not been selected by Pokémon Go.

If you provide the title and location (coordinates or exact address) we can check what has happened but this is the very likely explanation.

Thank you! Please see attached… and he owner actually moved the car art closer to Wayspot location than google street view would show.

Intersting, it doesn’t appear in Ingress, either.

Do you think it’s possible the property manager did a request to have the land blocked from Niantic games?

It’s a small town, I doubt it. They did not request a street view block or anything.

Unless the @admins chime in to clarify some other cause, it seems the most likely issue at this point, given that it’s showing as live in wayfarer for 8 days but has not synced to any game.

I don’t understand what you mean? Can you explain better? It’s the only way point in that location.


Your portal meets inclusion criteria for both pogo and Ingress. My first post was wrong about the reason - there are inclusion criteria for pogo, but it meets them.

Since it has synced to neither pogo nor ingress after 8 days, during which we have seen multiple ingress syncs, either:

  • the property owner has requested exclusion from all games, as Gendgi mentioned
  • something else is wrong and only Niantic would know what
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@NianticAtlas @NianticAaron
Please could you help clarify what is happening here?

Any help would be appreciated.

We want to setup a route hitting all the spinners in town and this would be the starting point.