Stop got accepted in Mar 24 but still hasn't shown up in game. :/

I submitted a stop in my neighborhood that’s right by my home and it got accepted. But I still have yet to see it appear in the game. It got approved in Mar 24 but here it is 2 mo later and still has yet to show up in game. What’s going on here? It’s clearly been more than 72 hrs since acceptance.

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Are you willing to share a screenshot of your accepted nomination? Are there other Wayspots in the area as well?

Welcome @raneeabc. Things may be working as expected. Each Niantic game uses different rules for what wayspot they use.

For additional context when you submit a nomination it is for wayspots in the Lightship database. Your accepted nominations are stored there.

Each game (Pokémon Go, Ingress, Pikman, Peridot, MHNow) have inclusion rules that they apply to the Lightship database to populate their unique game boards. Yours does not meet the inclusion rule for Pokémon Go, Ingress, etc.


I installed ingress and saw it there but no pogo. :confused: bs like this is why I’ve sort of given up submitting stops. You nominate them they get accepted and they fail to show up in pogo. i was excited that I’d get one within scannign distance of my home and now I’m bumbed.

It has been put forward many times that the in game nomination process should mention that you are submitting a wayspot for wayfarer and not a pokestop, portal, etc to make it more clear.

You should still have something that, if not within spinning distance of your home, is very close to being in range of your home. Pokémon Go has an 80 metre interaction radius after all, and Level 17 S2 Cells aren’t exactly huge.