Hey, I have got my Wayspot accepted but it has not shown up in game after 80 Hours

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Hi! Welcome to the forum! There are some people here that are much better at finding where the nomination is, but basically not all nominations are guaranteed to end up in the game. You are actually nominating a point of interest (POI) to be be a Waypoint. This can then go into any games it matches the criteria for.

In Pokemon Go, the criteria is no more than one Pokestop or gym in an S2 cell. This is a way of dividing the whole world up into small areas. If that other stop you can see falls in the same call, unfortunately the one you nominated won’t appear - sorry!

It may well have gone into other games though.


Hello, the nominated Wayspot is not in the Cell of the already existing Stop, it does not even show up in the Cell app I use yet.

Is it very close to the edge of the cell? Apparently the apps showing the cells aren’t always 100% accurate.

Could it be on land that the owner has requested no stops for any Niantic game to be added?

There’s another post on here at the minute with a similar situation, which makes me wonder if there is an issue somewhere! I know that’s not helpful though.

It is 2 cells away from the nearest Wayspot, the land owner is the “City” so this could not be the problem.

@NianticAaron is this one you could have a look at please? It looks similar to another issue posted recently. I will try to find that post now and see if I can link it in here!

Post link

Appeal for Wayspot accepted but has not shown up

I cannot quite tell from your screenshots where this is, sorry or I could check the ingress intel map. Not familiar with it. I know often when things in pokemon are approved they take longer than ingress to sync up to the map. I believe it says 48hours, but that is not always the case. I find it can take a bit longer myself.

Yes just that this is not appealed, it got accepted by the players

Here should be the spot where the Wayspot should be

Oh I meant coordinates. I thought I found the area, but was not sure. What is the name of the other stop there?

“Hanauer Morgen-Wald”

It should be around there


Yes I see that wayspot. Nothing in ingress. Not even nearby if it was moved a bit during reviewing.
Doesn’t appear in the lightship database either, which usually populates changes soon after approval. Definitely odd. A bug maybe. Unless Niantic removed after approval.
The portal coordinates for the Hanauer Morgen-Wald are: 50.127322,8.997221 - for anyone else wanting to know if looking into it.

I have messaged the Niantic Support but they closed my tickets without an answer

So frustrating. Maybe post in the Bug section?! Or an Ambo can comment on here when they see it.

Yes, I live near there so I will see when it would get into the game.
Its just frustrating because I was very happy that this got accepted because i thought that it would get denied.

Yes, maybe they decided against after all. I would have accepted it. It is clearly a biking trail. No streetview there and can easily hike around. I hope this gets sorted soon for you. Help chat doesn’t always resolve things initially. I have opened several tickets to get something resolved.

Yea, I will be out of town for the weekend, if it still hasn’t shown up after the weekend I will just nominate it again.

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Whether accepted by the community or by Niantic on appeal makes no difference - the point is both of these nominations have been accepted but haven’t shown up in game, despite fitting the criteria!

I hadn’t realised this wasn’t in the bug topic - if you post it in there, Niantic are really quick to respond.